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Having spent most of his childhood and teenage years without his mother and father, T. L. Angam  is very familiar with the harsh realities of growing up as an orphan in India. At school and in orphanages, T. L. was frequently marginalized, both by his caretakers and fellow students, due to his orphan status.  In the children’s home/boarding school, he, along with fellow impoverished and orphaned, or, “free students,” had to live in a shed made of bamboo and coconut leaves while wealthier students lived in nicer buildings. The poor, non-paying children were given less food than those who could pay and at times even worked to prepare the food. The hunger, the discrimination and the loneliness became so unbearable at times that he considered taking his life. But God spoke to him during one of these dark times, “T.L, you may feel insignificant in this world, but you are important to me.”

During Bible College he also struggled greatly. He worked to earn his keep, but had no money for supplies or other necessities. With no soap to wash with, he would comb through the waste bin and gather whatever small pieces his peers would discard and roll them into a ball. When it was time for him to graduate from Bible School, he struggled because he did not even have a pair of shoes to wear. T. L. was constantly devalued in a nation fraught with similarly impoverished and unaided children.

With these experiences dwelling in his heart, in 2000, T. L. felt strongly called to found Missionary Children Home (MCH), an orphanage for children. He and his beloved wife Ruth are raising their sons Jamhaolen and Jamgunlim in the children’s home along with their many brothers and sisters. They lovingly call him “Papa” for he considers them his own and they daily sing a sweet song called “We Are One Big Happy Family” with joy. Today most of the children live in the children’s home and rely wholly on T.L.’s ministry for all their basic needs (e.g. food, housing, clothing, education, etc.). Some of the older ones are a little more independent and no longer reside in the children’s home, but still need assistance from the ministry to help meet their needs as they pursue higher education such as Bible training, vocational training or a college degree.

To the children of MCH, T.L.’s ministry has been life-changing. Hearing the Gospel and receiving their basic needs has equipped them for a brighter and more fulfilling future. Many go on to Bible school and become missionaries and pastors, sharing Jesus’ great love.

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