East Asia

Indigenous Missionary Training

Training Chinese missionaries for cross-cultural missions


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About This Cause

The vision of this ministry is to transform China from a mission field to a mission force. Currently many churches in China have “zeal without knowledge“ regarding the Great Commission. There are numbers of cross-cultural missionaries that have been sent out by house churches in China, but 90% give up and return to China as failures within months. Many are so discouraged they don’t re-engage in any sort of ministry after arriving back in China.

Overall, China’s churches lack even a basic understanding of how to prepare, support, or nurture cross-cultural missionaries, whether before, during, or after they are deployed to the field. This is the root cause of such high attrition, at great cost to both the workers and the field.

This ministry equips existing Chinese cross-cultural missionaries, mission candidates, and leading missionary senders. It provides training seminars and works to translate, publish, and distribute carefully selected missions textbooks. Previously, there have been virtually none available in Chinese.

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