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About This Cause

An American missionary couple brought the wonderful news of salvation through Jesus Christ to Dr. Joy Tica’s grandparents in the 1950’s. They used one verse: John 3:16. After that their home became a shelter to countless American and Filipino missionaries. Her grandfather became the first missionary reaching out to their town. His message was simple: “Salvation through Jesus Christ.” Many people who were disowned by their families because of their new-found faith were welcomed in Joy’s grandparents’ home. They have five boys who all became missionary-pastors. Their three girls also serve as missionaries in their own way. One is 75 and still helping less fortunate children.

Years ago, Joy’s dad and two uncles started a mission group known as the International Baptist Missionary Fellowship (IBMF). Presently, there are more than two thousand IBMF program graduates pastoring churches. Ninety-five percent of their graduates were given a free education (of which Joy is one). They have more than 900 churches affiliated with their mission group.

In the late 80’s International Christian Outreach and Relief Ministry feeding centers were established in many impoverished locations in the Philippines. IBMF’s group was on the frontline of the humanitarian and relief operations, as well as their weekend medical and dental mission (for which Joy was a nurse). Livelihood programs were established in different strategic locations (where they established churches). The ministry continues today.

The Lord fulfilled Joy’s dream of completing her medical studies through the help of Dr. Charles Strouss and his wife Fernella. With such a strong heritage, she vowed to continue the legacy of three generations. She saw in her ancestors a model of unwavering desire to make a difference in the lives of people—giving them hope both physically and spiritually.

Health Education Medical Ministry was born with the same passion. As the Bible says in Jude: “and some having compassion, making the difference.” Joy considers herself blessed to have the people the Lord has placed in her path. To date, Health Education and Medical Ministry has been able to reach many strategic and remote locations in the Philippines. They serve churches and help the government and other non-government agencies through medical, dental, and other humanitarian services all in the name of Jesus, the Great Physician.

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