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Sharing the gospel of Jesus and ministering to nonbelievers, refugees, and fellow believers in Bangladesh

About This Cause

Since he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior in 1985, Mabud Chowdhury has faced many challenges for trying to pursue his Christian faith in his  homeland of Bangladesh. With an 87% nonChristian population, Bangladesh can often be a very challenging place to pursue the Christian faith. Many in Mabud’s home nation refused to hire him because he was a Christian. For a while, he was forced to pursue jobs in other countries to help provide for his family. However, his desire to share his faith with his homeland caused him to return to Bangladesh in 1997 in order to try to find a way for Christians to integrate their faith with Bengali culture without compromising their beliefs. A couple years later, Mabud and thirty Christians formed Isa-e Jamal Bangladesh (now known as Isa-e Church Bangladesh) to spread the gospel and provide social and physical relief to their homeland.

The ministry of Isa-e Church is very diverse, ranging from pastoral care training programs for missionaries and pastors to providing literacy classes for locals. They have evangelized and provided relief to millions of lost and desperate people in Bangladesh. Isa-e offers Christian workshops and seminars for new believers, helps rural doctors attend medical training, helps support these doctors’ medical practices, produces evangelistic CDs and songbooks, and gives theological training to Bengali believers in 10 locations around the country. Their ministry has had great success as God has enabled them to plant more than 120 churches, in which over 90% of the church and ministry members are former Muslims. Their ministry works to help them to practice their Christian faith within the context of the culture of their region.

In addition to all of this, Isa-e Church is very involved in working with the Rohingya, a group of almost 900,000 refugees who are seeking asylum in Bangladesh after being driven out of Myanmar. They have many pastors and missionaries among the refugees, spreading the gospel of Christ and providing relief in any way they can.

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