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Feed My Lambs

Loving and providing for the children of Nicaragua in Jesus' name


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About This Cause

Nicaragua is the largest and the poorest country in Central America. Children struggle to survive by washing cars, selling small items, or simply begging. Swollen tummies from malnutrition are a common sight. Sickness abounds as little ones suffer and die when no one cares enough to make a difference. The hope of a prosperous future is not the hope of these beautiful children.

It was into this atmosphere that Melody and Tim Wright stepped. While they had originally thought of adopting one of these street children, unbeknownst to them, God was already at work using their love for these precious little ones to lead them to adopt not just one, but four native children. Partnering with Yesenia and Peter Tigchelaar, a native Nicaraguan couple, the Wrights began serving the least of these children. Thus, Feed My Lambs Ministry was born.

Feed My Lambs provides a hot meal for approximately 200 children twice a week while Bible lessons are taught. Through these evangelistic efforts, many children have come to salvation in Jesus and are now effective witnesses within their communities. The ministry also reaches out to provide hope for young girls at risk for prostitution, pregnancy, and disease. Often solicited by their own families as a means of money for food, alcohol, or drugs, these girls are instead given an invitation to live a productive life in Christ.

Children are frequently found without adequate clothing or food, suffering because their basic needs cannot be met. “My clothing today is a box,” sighed a boy after finding a cardboard box he was forced to wear in humiliation of having no clothes. Medical help is also a blessing to children with respiratory problems, skin conditions, flu symptoms, parasites and more. Families with special needs receive extra help with food boxes, while mothers and children are provided vitamins and folic acids at the feeding center.

YOU can help feed the spiritual and physical hunger of God’s lambs in Nicaragua.

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