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About This Cause

Strong families lead to a strong society, and a strong society builds a strong nation. Conversely, a breakdown in families leads to the breakdown of societies and the eventual downfall of a nation. The epidemic spread of HIV/AIDS in Kenya a decade ago, when 700 people died daily, was viewed by Tom and Hellen Malande as a consequence of a breakdown in families. With a God-given vision to build these basic units of society and thereby affect long-term life change among youth and others, the Malandes went about communicating values rooted in the character of God and promoting a passion for Christ.

Launching Family Impact Ministries in 2002, the Malandes and their co-workers labored in partnership with churches, schools, Christian organizations, community-based groups, and the corporate community to provide dynamic programs to strengthen individuals and communities. As Tom states, “Our people need to be empowered with godly values about marriage and family life.”

Family Impact Ministries strives to fulfill Tom’s words by seeking the health and well-being of the people as they empower them to participate in the decisions that affect their lives. The ministry works toward developing the people’s self-respect for their own civil and political liberties, providing protection for the vulnerable and disadvantaged, and equipping them to rebuild relationships and stay faithful to their spouses as they love and cherish their children. The ministry accomplishes this through the production of training and equipping materials, holding teaching seminars in life skills, and equipping pastors and their churches to fight HIV and AIDS, thereby reducing the stigma associated with the disease and bringing hope to those suffering from it.

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