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Training Chinese missionaries for cross-cultural evangelism and church planting


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About This Cause

Chinese Regional Ministries’ mission is to creatively build the church in China to effectively reach the remaining unreached people groups within China and beyond. With a population over one billion, this is a daunting task. However, Chinese Regional Ministries’ faithful Chinese ministry workers have faith in the great and powerful one true God, and faithfully serve in a variety of effective ministries.

One of Chinese Regional Ministries’ largest ministries is their Bible distribution. In 1994, the ministry’s leader received a copy of the Full Life Study Bible.  It was full of study notes and articles, written by a former missionary to Brazil, and a concordance. They knew the notes would be invaluable to Chinese pastors, who often lack theological training. Therefore, they immediately began to translate it. The next year a missionary asked them if they could translate the whole Bible, notes and all. The missionary connected them with the agency that held the copyright, and they gave them permission.

In 1998, the first copies of this translated Bible were printed outside China. Because of a flame imprint on the Bible’s cover, it is called “The Fire Bible.” Nearly three million copies of this “Fire Bible” have been distributed to pastors across China. Many pastors, missionaries, and new believers have testified to the great impact receiving this Bible has had on their Christian walks and ministries. It is a life-changing, ministry-edifying tool and a great personal blessing. The Word is powerful and new believers are extremely grateful to receive it.

In addition to Bible distribution, Chinese Regional Ministries participates in evangelistic outreach among various Chinese ethnic groups, ranging from Han Chinese (China’s largest ethnic group comprising nearly 92% of the population) to Lisu and Tibetans. Although the challenges are daunting, including incessant persecution and desperate need for training, China Reach continues to serve and push forward faithfully, giving glory and praise to God regardless of circumstances.

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