The Children of Unreached Peoples Missions in Tanzania

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About This Cause

The country of Tanzania has been ravaged with HIV and AIDS. Many parents die, leaving behind their children with no support or hope. These children live on the streets, scavenging for whatever food scraps they can find. People saw these hungry children and started to provide them with food and clothing. Williams Yindi believed that this alone was not a tangible long-term  solution. God gave him a vision to not only provide them with food, clothing and shelter, but also something of long-term benefit: education.  Providing these children with education can help them break free from the cycle of poverty and have a future. Through that vision, St. Augustine Academy was start- ed. Unreached Peoples’ St. Augustine Academy serves poor and parentless children from nursery age to seventh grade. Orphans and children from distant homes live in a dormitory on the campus. All of the curriculum is taught in English because knowledge of English gives the children a better chance of entering high school and college. They not only learn academics, but most importantly, they learn about Jesus and His life-changing love.

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