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About This Cause

You’ve experienced the power of the Bible in your life. Many Christians in the U.S. have not just one, but two or three or four Bibles.

In many other parts of the world, though, the light of the scriptures hasn’t penetrated the darkness. New believers don’t have the opportunity to read the Bible as they follow Jesus and seek to grow in Christ. They may be passionate about the gospel and active in discipleship, but they’re missing this crucial resource.

You have an opportunity to provide a Bible—for just $5—to a Christian in another country who longs to grow in their faith. Just like you, they are ready to learn more about God, be transformed by the stories and teachings of Jesus, and make disciples. The scriptures will help them do that.

You can participate in God’s kingdom work and help others grow in their faith by giving a Bible for $5.

An invaluable resource

We’ve spent the majority of our lives in the presence of a Bible. It’s almost always nearby, accessible, ready for God to use to

  • encourage us in challenging times
  • provide wisdom and direction for any situation
  • shape our character through its stories, proverbs, and teachings
  • lead us into deeper understanding of God and his kingdom
  • inspire us for worship, love, and service

In many countries, though, it is difficult to obtain a Bible. Believers may share a single Bible or portions of one. They memorize what they can before passing it on to someone else for encouragement. Just $5 provides a Bible in many of these places where the Bible is scarce.

In the local language

Imagine reading the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6) like this: E to matou Matua i te rangi, Kia tapu tou ingoa. That’s MaoriOr Old English: Fæder ūre, þū þe eart on heofonum.

When the Bible isn’t in your language, or isn’t in the modern form of your language, is it as useful as it could be? Wouldn’t it be better to read, “Our Father, who art in heaven…”?

Our worldwide partners deliver Bibles in the local language because everyone should have access to a Bible they can understand. Because God’s vision is for people of every language to gather in worship (Revelation 7:9). A readable Bible for every believer is a step toward the fulfillment of that vision.

You can help today by giving Bibles for only $5 each.

Part of long-term discipleship

Jesus didn’t just call individual followers and send them out alone. It’s good for believers to fellowship, study, worship, and serve together. That’s why our Bible distribution happens in the context of long-term local ministry.

Because our native partners aren’t simply passing through on short-term assignments, they can establish sustainable discipleship programs based in local, native-led churches. These gospel workers are in it for the long haul. So when a new believer receives a Bible, they also receive an invitation to join a local body of Christ that speaks their language. Isn’t that wonderful?

Just $5 provides this invaluable resource to help new believers grow for years and years after they begin following Jesus.

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel!

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