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About This Cause

Today there are millions of Christians and those searching for the truth in China who are starving for Bibles!  In fact, right now, ANM’s Far East Region Director Dan Reichard has requests for more than 40 million Bibles on his desk. It’s not that we don’t want to send them or that we can’t get Bibles into their hands. We just don’t have the funds to print and deliver them.

Fortunately, the average cost of a Chinese Bible is only $4.00. At first glance, that may seem cheap, but it’s enough to help put a Bible into the hands of a new Chinese believer for first time, transforming his or her life through the power of God’s word.

Why stop at just one? You can purchase more Bibles to impact entire families, undergrounds churches and Bible studies, and even whole communities.

This appeal is timely for two reasons:

  1. The ongoing and intense persecution of the Chinese church is making it more difficult to get Bibles into China.
  2. The Chinese government is getting ready to flood the nation with a blasphemous and heretical “bible” of their own called the Patriots’ Bible. It will present Communist propaganda and the authority of the government as the gospel and the only way to salvation. What confusion this will cause for seekers and new believers!

Please don’t wait! The need for more Bibles in China is as urgent as ever. You can bless Chinese believers and churches with a firm foundation in God’s word. You can lead others to the incredible news of Jesus. You can bring God’s light and truth to those who desperately need it.

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