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About This Cause

Ngarndeye Bako (“Bako”) has partnered with Advancing Native Missions since 2004. He is the founder of Village Altonodji, a community comprised of orphans and widows. Through Bako’s ministry, they receive basic care, food, and love, while living and working together. In addition, Bako works with the evangelical churches and missions of Chad who are rescuing orphans and widows, sending out missionaries to unreached peoples and African Muslims, training young men to be pastors and missionaries, and encouraging peace among local tribes.

In recent years, God has expanded Bako’s vision to include all of Francophone (French-speaking) Africa. He has met with Christian leaders from various African nations to establish strategies for reaching the unreached people groups in their respective regions. Bako is involved with consulting, training, and sending missionaries to the tribes and villages of these people groups. Their joint desire is to eventually plant 1,000 churches. Bako’s prayer is that there will be a spiritual awakening in Cóte d’Ivore and that the unreached people groups in Africa will receive the love and message of salvation of Jesus.

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