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About This Cause

At the age of 20, drug dealer Alex Mitala was lying on his deathbed when he began to hear a mysterious voice. The voice continued for three days, admonishing Alex to be saved or he would “surely die.” Following a miraculous recovery from this illness, Alex was led by the Lord to a church where he placed his faith in Jesus Christ. This encounter in 1971 was just the beginning of a radically changed life. Five years later, during the violent rule of Idi Amin, Alex was smuggling Gospel literature to the Ugandan underground church. No longer a drug dealer, but an outlaw still – only this time Alex was an outlaw for Christ!

Alex planted three churches in Kenya before beginning the ministry of Back to the Bible Truth Evangelistic Team in Uganda. Through this ministry, 157 churches were planted and hundreds of pastors were trained in its Fishers of Men Permanent School of Ministry theological center. By God’s grace, Alex now preaches on two radio stations and one television station every week.

The ministry has also started the Glory of Virginity Movement which teaches premarital abstinence to youth, a vital message for a country where 40% of its citizens test HIV-positive. Seeing the thousands of widows and orphans left in the wake of the carnage of political upheavals, classes to teach literacy, health, and tailoring were also begun. In addition, the Good Samaritan Orphanage Center was opened to provide education for the 1,340 children whom it now clothes and feeds.

Having acquired more land, the ministry has also begun a farming venture, raising multiple crops as a food source and thereby sustaining up to 40% of its ministry needs and expenses. YOU can help them become 100% self-propagating by getting involved in advancing the Kingdom of God in Uganda.

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