Southeast Asia

Ati Tribes Aklan

Evangelism and church planting among the aboriginal Atis in Aklan, Philippines


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About This Cause

Raised without a mother and left to care for himself by a remarried father who was always drunk, Enrique Martinez nakedly roamed the streets of Iloilo City. When he was just six years old, his father sold him to a couple in exchange for a sack of rice seeds. His task was to tend to the water buffalo, so he could not go to school. After hearing the Gospel from a tribal leader in 1975, Enrique received the Lord as his savior. Desiring to serve Jesus, he went to Bible school where God supernaturally helped him learn to read and to write. There the Lord gave him a burning desire to preach the Gospel to his fellow-Filipino aborigines, the Ati people. After graduating, he began a pioneering church work in Antique province. Enrique and his wife Margie later moved to Aklan and started another pioneering work there in 1992.

Ati Tribes Aklan reaches the Ati people in Aklan through evangelism, pioneer church planting, feeding programs for malnourished children, food distribution to needy families, and medical outreaches. They have a school kindergarten school, Laguna Christian Learning Center, a kindergarten school accredited by the Department of Education and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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