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Aetas Bible Study Center

Serving the marginalized Aeta people of the Philippines


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About This Cause

Cora Ladringan became a Christian while serving as a nurse in England. When she returned to the Philippines, she then shared the message of salvation with her husband Wilson who also gave his life to Christ. After receiving the call into full-time ministry, Wilson completed Bible training and began preaching the gospel in Zambales. Then tragedy struck when a vehicular accident claimed the life of their four-year-old daughter and left Wilson with a broken thigh which required him to be on crutches for two and a half years. With broken hearts, the Ladringans were forced to sell all their material possessions to pay for funeral and medical expenses. But through their trials, the Lord was present.

Two years after the accident, Wilson and Cora invited their neighbors to a Bible study, and an Aeta man named Leo became a Christian. The Aetas are Philippine aborigines—a disadvantaged, marginalized, illiterate, and destitute people group. As Wilson traveled to Leo’s village to lead Bible studies, Cora accompanied him and ministered to the children. After much prayer and with the approval of the parents, the Ladringans brought home five malnourished Aeta children. As they cared for them and enrolled them in school, they also shared the Gospel with them. All five children received Jesus. Several months later, Cora and Wilson took the children back to their village, physically and spiritually transformed, much to their parents’ delight.  As a result, more parents wanted to send their children to the Aetas Bible Study Center. Thus was the start of this humble ministry.

Since that time, the ministry has expanded to include: The Aeta Children’s Home; To God be the Glory Christian Academy; Blessed Hope Medical Clinic; School of the Great Commission; Senior Citizens Ministry; Compassion Center; Legal Aid Center; Retreat Center; and Conference Center; 15 Aeta village churches; and six non-Aeta churches. The Ladringans give all the glory to God!

Won’t YOU join us to support Wilson and Cora in their efforts to reach the remaining Aetas of Zambales?

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