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About This Cause

Formerly a champion boxer and devoted Muslim, 22-year-old Rockeybell Adatura encountered Jesus after a failed suicide attempt in 1970. God continued to capture his heart throughout the following four years as he meticulously compared the Bible against the Qur’an. This research prepared him to become a leading evangelist and Christian author in Ghana today.

The Adatura Research Publications ministry began in 1984 as Rockeybell reached out to Muslims and African traditionalists and animists. By 1988, he had published six books, all delving into the hearts and minds of Muslims to answer tough questions about Christianity. Dr. Adatura also started two Christian radio programs—“XRISTOMUS” and “Grace and Truth”—both of which have yielded tremendous fruit. At least ten daily phone calls or faxed letters request follow-up materials or counseling. In a country where converting from Islam to Christianity is met with strong disapproval, God has been using radio to proclaim His love. Immediately after converting, new believers are provided safe locations away from their Islamic environments. There they learn discipleship and, by God’s grace, many saved ex-Muslims have now become ardent church leaders, pastors, and Bible teachers.

Rockybell also launched “The Peacemaker” radio program which reaches three regional capitals (Islamic hotbeds) in northern Ghana. In addition, God has opened other venues of evangelism such as a literacy program in rural communities and outreaches to prepare young people to take the BECE (entrance exams to senior high school).

To think that God has been doing all this through a ministry that still has no permanent office nor a radio station of its own! Dr. Adatura is now calling out to brethren all over, “Come partner with us as we trust God for a ‘home’ finally.”

Will YOU answer his call?

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