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5 Ways to Pray for Latin America

Latin America is an area where it is assumed that many people know Jesus as their Savior. However, according to Renee Lilly, ANM’s Regional Director for Latin America, “there are huge pockets of unevangelized and unreached people groups in the area.” It is vital that people pray for the Lord of the Harvest (Matthew 9:38) to send out laborers to reach the unreached in Latin America. Here are five ways you can pray for this region so that the Gospel will come to all its people.

5 Ways to Pray:

  1. Pray for more workers for the harvest. We need more missionaries that would be willing to give their lives in the unreached areas. Please pray for more workers in the harvest field.
  2. Pray that the Lord would lift the veil from the eyes of those who are in false religions. These include animism, false beliefs that look like Christianity, and everything in between. There is a need to pray that these people will come to know the truth about God.
  3. Pray for this region because it tends to have a lot of violence and safety issues. There are drug cartels, violent governments, high levels of drug addiction, and sex trafficking. All of these create an unsafe environment and destroy families. Please pray that the deception would be lifted from people’s eyes and that they can embrace the one true, living God.
  4. Pray against corruption in governments. The governments that are corrupt lead to violence and terrible acts against people. Yet Scripture tells us that when the righteous lead, the people can rejoice. Pray that righteous leaders will displace evil leaders and that there would be an end to corruption in many of these countries.
  5. Pray that the churches of Latin America will take on the mantle to reach those who have never been reached and that they would take their role seriously.

As you can see, these prayer requests address dire situations in Latin America. Only God can effect the changes needed to bring the Gospel to this region. He responds when we ask. Renee Lilly concluded: “Thank you so much for praying for Latin America. We appreciate it greatly.”

Download our prayer guide, “21 Ways You Can Advance the Kingdom Through Prayer,” to discover more ways you can pray for unreached people around the world.

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