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3 Ways to Pray for South Asia

The challenges for Christians in South Asia have increased over the past few years. Changes in governments, changes in attitudes toward Christians, the pandemic, and economic problems have all impacted believers who want to share the Gospel with their own people. They are in need of our prayers to do the work God has called them to do.

3 Ways to Pray:

  1. Pray for those suffering persecution. There are reports that churches, fellowships, and individual Christians and families in India are constantly targeted, harassed, tortured, and forced to give up their faith. Pray that they will have boldness and that God will protect them.
  2. Pray that funds from overseas will reach ministries. The present ruling government in India is blocking the legal permission to receive foreign funds. Some nonprofit organizations, especially Christian organizations, are having a very difficult time, so they have slowed down in their work and are worried about that. We need to pray for them.
  3. Pray for missionaries and their families. They need God’s protection and provision. They constantly face numerous challenges, like opposition from within their own family, financial limitations, rejection and loneliness, sicknesses, and medical challenges. Their children are often denied admission to public schools because they are Christians.

These are some of the challenges, among many others, that our missionaries face in their day-to-day lives in South Asia. Kishor Pandagade, ANM’s Regional Director for South Asia, shared, “I would request your prayers and thank you again for joining us in prayer.” We are so grateful that you take the time to pray for the brothers and sisters of South Asia who are serving the Lord and doing His bidding despite the difficulties they face daily.


Download our prayer guide, “21 Ways You Can Advance the Kingdom Through Prayer,” to discover more ways you can pray for unreached people around the world.

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