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3 Ways to Pray for Europe

March 7, 2022 |  By Sue Morris

Political Unrest in Europe

Ukraine, invaded by Russia, needs our prayers. George Ainsworth, ANM Regional Director for Europe and Russia, shared some exciting testimonies of how God is hearing and answering prayers, specifically concerning Ukraine. He shared, “Ukrainians are telling us that they feel the effects of our prayers.” God is listening to and answering prayers, but Ukrainians need our continuing prayers. We are also including other important prayer requests for Europe (though not as immediate as for Ukraine).

3 Ways to Pray for Europe:

  1. Pray for Ukraine. The Ukrainians see the effects of our prayers. Many of the displaced people have come to the Lord through ministry partners. Pray for the ministry partners’ safety, their well-being, the effectiveness of their witness, and channels to send support to them.
  2. Pray for the economic situation in Europe. Funds are needed to support Christian families and ministry leaders to be able to stay in their home country. Pray they will have the resources to support new initiatives and for church buildings. 
  3. The European ministries that have caught the vision of reaching their country’s immigrant Muslim communities. Pray for our brothers and sisters to have God’s wisdom and effectiveness in evangelizing Muslim immigrants.

The exciting news is that God is hearing and answering prayers for the Ukrainian crisis. God is answering your prayers for Europe as well. The needs are significant, so the challenge for us is to continue to lift our brothers and sisters in our prayers for Europe. Their struggles and challenges are great, but God is greater. Remember that “asking is the rule of the Kingdom,” according to Charles Spurgeon. So we are asking you to please ask God to work in Ukraine and all of Europe.

The video will remind you of ways you can pray for Europe and Russia. We know that God will respond to your prayers.