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3 Ways to Pray for Central Asia

According to ANM Regional Director for Central Asia Warren Stewart, the people of Central Asia are very concerned about the war in Ukraine. The Central Asian countries include Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. With most of them having ties to Russia, there is great concern that Russia will conquer Ukraine and move on to other former Russian territories. The Christians of the area are nervous and constantly praying for Ukraine. They are still working amidst the turmoil, evangelizing and helping displaced people. They need our prayers.

3 Ways to Pray:

  1. Pray that ANM will develop ministry partners in Turkmenistan, where we currently have none. We’ve been prayerfully trying to build partnerships to connect with people. But it’s a closed country; even the neighboring countries like Turkey, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan can’t get in. We are working diligently to build partnerships with people where there is the potential for deeper connections.
  2. Pray for one of our ministry partners, a Kazakh church planter in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He’s been able to plant multiple churches throughout Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and southern Russia. He and his entire church network are praying about launching a church planting team to Kosovo in Eastern Europe. Kosovo is a Muslim country in Europe with a total of about 60 believers in the entire country. The need is incredible, and it’s impressive and awesome to see his church and his church network respond to that need.
  3. Pray for what most of us are thinking and feeling right now: we want to see peace in Ukraine. Many Russians live in Central Asia, and there’s a significant Russian cultural influence there. There’s a Russian influence on their economy, as well. There’s pressure and some degree of worry that if Russia can persevere in Ukraine, they might move on to some of the other former Soviet countries.

The situation in Ukraine is causing great concern in Central Asia. The people of Central Asia covet our prayers for peace in the region. Please pray for all of Central Asia.

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