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His Love in Action

Blessing and ministering to deaf children in Honduras


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About This Cause

Have you thanked God lately for your sense of hearing? Thousands of Honduran children live in the reality of silence, isolated by their hearing impairment and inability to communicate. When Carmen Linder gave birth to a deaf daughter, God planted a seed of compassion in her heart for the deaf children of Honduras, many of whom end up in prostitution or struggle with substance abuse or malnutrition. That seed of compassion grew into a lifetime of ministry to the deaf. With limited resources, Carmen believed in an unlimited God who called her to do His work of empowering deaf children. Shee used the little she had to start His Love in Action Ministry over twenty-four years ago in Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras.

Carmen remembers, “Looking back to the beginning, this seems an impossible task, as all I could see was a group of young people unable to communicate with their parents, friends, and society. They had no skills, no way of communicating with the world around them, and very few friends. However, what seemed impossible for men was possible with God.”

The His Love in Action School for the Deaf has grown from its initial one-room building with thirty students to a newly constructed building that houses both vocational and literacy training, a kitchen, an office, and other spaces for gathering. The founder has plans to expand the facility with a second floor which will house much-needed classrooms and potentially a dorm space so that students from outside Tegucigalpa can attend. The ministry educates around 45  students in topics that include: sign language and lip-reading techniques, writing skills, an early intervention program, speech therapy and hearing aids, Bible training, cottage industry jobs, and training in numerous vocational skills. Social services are also provided to its students through a dental and medical clinic, support groups for parents and caregivers, a daily meal, uniforms, and transportation money. During the pandemic, the school was forced to close, but ministry continued with food and medicine packets given to the students’ families as well as homeschooling materials for the families.

Through this effective ministry, the students who have graduated from the school have gone on to start deaf churches, create a Honduran sign language, have petitioned the government for help for disabled students, and began their own schools. The students regularly do evangelistic outreaches that are bringing the gospel to the public. God is changing lives and working miracles in the hearts of children and families.

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