Advancing Native Missions is a US-based agency called to seek out, evaluate, and equip native (or indigenous) mission groups throughout the world in order to hasten global evangelization. As we partner with these native missionaries through advocacy, encouragement, and support, we help them to serve, love, and reach people in their surrounding regions with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all for the glory of God.

ANM is a bridge between the native missionaries in the field and Christians in the West, initiating and fostering relationships between individuals, organizations, and churches and those native missionaries who have demonstrated their effectiveness in reaching the remaining unreached across the nations.

Our three primary goals  are

  1. to equip native missionaries with the funds and resources they need
  2. to encourage native missionaries as they labor
  3. to advocate for native missionaries here in the West

ANM links hundreds of local churches and thousands of individuals in the US with over 250 native missionary organizations working in more than 80 countries. These organizations represent over 5,000 missionaries on the front lines of world evangelism, taking the salvation message of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard.

What is Native Missions?

Often, when people think of missions, they think of Western churches or agencies sending Western missionaries to other countries.

Native missions means Christian pastors, missionaries, or church workers sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their own people. These missionaries are sometimes called “national” or “indigenous” missionaries. In many cases, these native missionaries are a direct result of the sacrifice and love poured out by traditional missionaries who were sent by churches from the West.

We believe that sending missionaries remains an important part of God’s plan for world evangelism, but God is increasingly using native missionaries to reach the least evangelized people left on earth. It is actually the way missions is commonly done among most of the world’s population today.

Native missionaries already know the language and culture of the people they serve. They are already accustomed to the physical climate, environment, and political situation. Because their standard of living is comparable to those they serve, often vastly different from that of a foreign missionary, they are able to live and minister on a fraction of the resources. Since it doesn’t take them years to learn the language and culture, they can begin their work after minimal training and preparation. Finally, because they are working among their own family, friends, and neighbors, they are committed for the long-term work of missionary endeavor.

Additionally, there are an increasing number of countries that are closed to Western missionaries.  The only way that people in many of these countries can hear that God loves them is through native missionaries.

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