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Young Nepali Christian Leader Asks for Prayer for His Country

During a recent visit to Nepal, I had the opportunity to speak with a young Nepali who helps lead a Christian ministry in his country. I asked him how his Christian brothers and sisters can be praying for Nepal. He shared the following three prayer requests. I present them in his own words and have edited them only for clarity.

Pray for the financial crisis in Nepal.

“Nepal needs lots of prayer at this time because our country is having a financial crisis during this period. The prices are increasing and we are facing a lot of financial pressures. This is because of the pandemic and because of the war in Ukraine. You know all of this. So the financial downturn is the first thing you could pray for.”

Pray for persecuted Nepali Christians.

“And secondly,” he asked, “you could pray for Nepali Christians here in the country. You know, from the outside we are a secular country [according to the Constitution], but from inside, because we Christians are a minority, we experience a lot of religious persecution going on. The majority of people in Nepal are of a different religion. Persecution is going on in the villages and in the city areas as well, you know, because people are speaking against Christianity and are posting bad things about Christians on social media. So please pray for us during this kind of persecution. There are reports of village pastors being beaten up and put into jail for preaching and sharing the Gospel. So please pray for those pastors, because we really need prayer right now.”

Pray for employment opportunities for youth who are leaving Nepal.

Lastly, he explained that “the third thing that you should pray for is the high level of unemployment going on here in Nepal. Lots of young people are going to different countries for employment, to Arabic countries [Persian Gulf states], to European countries, but especially to countries like the UK, America and Australia. This has resulted in the manpower here in Nepal getting very low. So unemployment is a very big issue here in Nepal. So please pray for greater employment opportunities. And please pray that [more jobs can be generated], so that this generation of youth would be able to stay in the country and find work here.”

I encourage you to lift up the young leader’s requests to the Lord, who alone can meet these needs in Nepal through His power and grace. Thank you.

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