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Young Mexican Missionary Serves the Lord Despite Dangerous Circumstances

Pati took her sack lunch and got on the bus. These “faith trips” excited Pati, and this was her third. She left with only a meal in a bag to travel to an unknown destination 12 hours away from her home base in San Pedro, Mexico. Her assignment: Find a “person of peace” (Luke 10:6), share the Gospel in the community, accomplish something significant for the Lord, leave the ministry she began in competent hands, and return home on her own. Through faith and leaning on the Holy Spirit, Pati achieved her goal on her first two trips. Now she was looking for an even bigger challenge.

Mexican ministry helps young woman find her way

After being a homeless street kid, Pati joined a soccer team run by a ministry called Seedtime and Harvest, ANM’s native partner in Mexico. The soccer team needed her toughness and agility. She trained and thrived. The following year, she became the captain, and her team won the championship. As she carried the trophy into the church to dedicate it to the Lord, she began weeping and gave her heart to Jesus.

The native missionaries of Seedtime and Harvest recognized a special quality in Pati and offered to put her through high school. When she graduated with honors, the ministry encouraged her to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse and continued to support her until she secured a master’s degree in nursing. 

Dangerous missionary assignment in the Philippines

With her new knowledge and fearless nature, Pati volunteered to go to a predominately Muslim island in the Philippines to work in a ministry home that rescues child soldiers. There she met Queenie, a Filipino missionary. Together they set out to make their way to the main camp of Abu Sayyaf, a violent Sunni Islamic terrorist group that operates in southern Philippines and seeks to establish an independent Islamic state. 

Abu Sayyaf fighters have carried out bombings, child sexual assault, forced marriages, drive-by shootings, drug trafficking, and especially kidnapping for ransom. If their ransom demands are not met, beheading is a common consequence. This was not a safe place for two young girls to enter, but there was no stopping Pati and Queenie.

Depending totally on Jesus, they approached one of Abu Sayyaf’s leaders and offered to teach his children. He consented for them to teach and welcomed them into his headquarters. They stayed for two weeks, and during that time, they shared all the teachings and parables of Jesus. Because the Quran mentions Jesus, they were allowed to teach about Him, as long as they did not talk about “Christianity.” At the end of those two weeks, the leader allowed 20 children to go down the mountain with the girls and live in the children’s home. They will be able to get good care and further education there. 

What a remarkable victory! 

Pati has recently connected with ANM native missionaries in Colombia, where she will serve as a missionary reaching the unreached in the jungles of the Amazon.

God can transform anyone — you can participate

All things are possible with Jesus, and nothing is too difficult for Him. He took a feisty street girl, disciplined her through soccer, saved her soul by his Spirit, built her faith and trust through “Faith Trips,” and gave her peace to enter one of the most dangerous places in the Philippines. Our God is an awesome God!

By supporting native missionaries like Pati and the Seedtime and Harvest team, you are promoting some of the greatest miracles taking place today.


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