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Young Girl Finds Hope in Christ in Thailand

Hansa sighed with sorrow and relief as her husband was taken to jail for drug trafficking. His life sentence meant they would be free of the terror that resulted from his lifestyle. Free, that is, after she moved with her three children to another village. The move would protect them from his friends and his past life. 

Now Hansa needed to find a way to earn money to provide for her children. She became a dressmaker, which brought in a little income.

Hansa’s family is from a Hmong hill tribe, an impoverished people. Hill tribe people experience more poverty than other groups in Thailand. Most of these tribal people depend on agriculture, household crafts, and manual labor for income. Many don’t have access to basic medical care and education. Hansa learned of Destiny Children’s Home from a new friend in the village where they now lived. Destiny Children’s Home provides hill tribe children in Northern Thailand with better opportunities to live empowered lives and serve their communities and country.

She decided to take her six-year-old daughter, Mint, to the home to receive better care than she herself could provide. Hansa pleaded with the home’s leaders, Apple and Jeph, to admit Mint. The decision was difficult as there was little room, but Apple and Jephaccepted Mint in the home in 2018.

Christian children’s home changes child’s life

Mint, now 10 years old, is a charming and loving girl. She flourished at Destiny Children’s Home and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior when she was eight. Here is Mint’s testimony:

When I first came, I was in grade one. I did not know God. I thought that God was not real. But as I stayed here, God has taught me a lot, to have love and joy. Sometimes I may be alone, but I know that God is always with me. I used to be  afraid of ghosts, but God always takes care of me. I thank the Lord that He watches over me. Therefore, I do not have to be afraid of ghosts. 

At first, I thought you can be baptized when you are already twenty years old or above. But Ajahn [Teacher] Apple explained that baptism has nothing to do with age but about one’s heart. So, I already got baptized. Since I have opened my heart to Jesus, in the future I want to be a Bible teacher for children, because in this world a lot of people do not know God. I want all children to know God. I know God has told me to be a Bible teacher for children. I want to serve God by doing this. This dream, I pray that God will bless this so it can happen in my life in the future. I thank God for this life that I have.

Mint is currently one of the assistant leaders of the small groups at Destiny Children’s Home. She loves to call together the younger children in the home so they can do Sunday school with her as the teacher.

Mint went home for vacation recently and requested that her family attend the church in the village with her. She offered to sing and did so several times while she was there. Mint has also learned to play the guitar. She has grown into a talented, confident young lady who loves the Lord and desires to serve Him with her gifts.

A Chance to Respond

Mint’s experiences in the children’s home have changed her life. Receiving a good education has helped her to develop her skills and become a confident young lady eager to use her talents to serve the Lord and help other children. By giving school supplies, you can help another child find hope and opportunities for their future.


Provide School Supplies for a Child

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