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Women in Thailand Move Beyond Conversion to Discipleship

The headlines often focus on conversions. A preacher shares the Gospel message with hundreds at a series of meetings… many raise their hands, or are baptized, or come forward…and then what? Who helps these new believers take root and grow in their faith?

Chanaddah Chaisakorn, also known as Noi, noticed this gap over and over in her native Thailand. “Witnessing is quick, then they move on,” she said. “Discipleship takes time and commitment.”

Noi’s many years of training and ministry experience gave her the desire to fill that gap, particularly for Thai women. In 2017, speaking at a rally in Chiang Mai, Noi taught on Proverbs 31. Afterward, several women desired a more sustained discipleship.

So Noi started a small group studying Proverbs 31. “This study helps the women understand how to get started in their relationship with God,” she said.

Many of the women in the group are married to husbands who are not Christians. The fellowship and support they experienced in the group helps them witness to their husbands, and some of them now follow Christ, as well.

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