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Women Choose Life through Help of Ministry in Israel

“No! You are taking a life with a soul!” Anna screamed. She kicked and flung her arms, but strong arms and straps held her to the bed. No one responded to her cries. They methodically went about the procedure. Helpless to prevent this death, she gave up in tears and said, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!”

Anna got pregnant when she was 16 years old.  It is legal to get a free abortion in Israel if the woman is under 17 or if conception occurred out of wedlock. However, wanting to remain anonymous, Anna’s father hired staff in a private clinic and tricked Anna into the office. She thought she was going for a checkup. When she realized the truth, she was powerless to stop it. Her loss was devastating! When she recovered physically, she left home.

How had Anna known that there was life within her womb? A friend told her about Be’ad Chaim, a pro-life organization in Israel. Unknown to her parents, she made an appointment, took a pregnancy test, and saw a counselor. Looking at her ultrasound, she realized her child was not a blob of tissue, but a fully formed baby, sucking its thumb. 

After her trauma, she returned to Be’ad Chaim for post-abortion counseling.  They helped her through grief, anger, and guilt. Forgiveness was the hardest.

Anna’s boyfriend, now her husband, was 18 at the time. He got a job, they found an apartment, and Anna finished school. Her school counselor became like a mother. The principal gave her money to help with living expenses. Anna finished high school, completed her mandatory service in the army, and secured a full-time job. What an amazing testimony to counseling and support, even without family.

Today, Anna is pregnant and due this winter. She returned to Be’ad Chaim for assistance.  They are counseling her and supplying her with baby clothes, essential baby gear, diapers, and formula — for a year!

Be’ad Chaim says, “In our offices, we meet many desperate, hurting and poor women. They often lack food for their children and protection for themselves. We do our utmost to provide for their babies and help them in practical ways. Beyond the practical provision, we hope and pray for them to know the One who can redeem their lives from the pit and give them new hope and a good future. We feel privileged to be able to help this exceptional young woman. Anna is sincere, courageous, and believes in the humanity of every child in the womb.”

Many in Anna’s situation turn to the self-destructive habits of drugs, alcohol, or even suicide. With help, Anna chose life for herself. Now she can bring a new life into the world.


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