Ways Your Church Can Get More Involved with Missions through the ANM Christmas Catalog

The ANM Gift Catalog is now online to help your church get involved in the Great Commission. You can transform lives through these 20 simple gifts.  

Here are several ideas for encouraging people to give using the Catalog:

  1. Care for a newborn in Israel
  • Have a baby shower and collect cash donations as gifts, benefiting babies and mothers in Israel.
  1. School Supplies
  • For your birthday or Christmas, hold an It’s My Party, and I’ll Give If I Want To party. Request no gifts, just donations for school supplies, so children will have what they need to do well.
  • Challenge parents to donate as much as they spent on their child’s school supplies to provide school supplies for children in another country.
  • Ask a local Christian school to spend a day in class without school supplies such as pencils, crayons, paper, etc.  Challenge the students to raise funds for school supplies for children in other countries.
  1. 3. Sports Equipment
  • Ask a local soccer team or league for monetary donations to provide soccer balls for children in another country.
  1. Christmas Shoebox Gifts 
  • Donate in honor of a family member to spend on shoebox items.
  • Set aside a dollar a day for Advent to donate for shoebox gifts.
  1. Shoes
  • Ask each family to donate a dollar for each pair of shoes they own.
  • Purchase a pair of “The Shoe that Grows” shoes. These shoes are adjustable to the growth of a child’s foot and last for five years. Here is the link for their website.
  • Challenge people to go barefoot for a day to be aware of the need for shoes.   
  1. Bricks for a New Children’s Building
  • Ask people to fast a luxury item such as lattes, sodas, or desserts for a week and donate the saved money to pay for bricks to shelter children from the weather as they attend school.
  • Ask each family to donate 1 percent of their mortgage or rent payment for a month to help build a school.
  1. Children’s Gift Bundle
  • Ask each family to donate $25.00 to share the cost of a gift bundle to bless a child.
  1. Bibles
  • Show this video of Chinese believers receiving their first Bibles. Use the video to raise funds so that these believers can read the Word of God for the first time.
  • Ask people in your church to donate a dollar each for the number of Bibles they own to purchase Bibles for believers who don’t own one.
  1. Bicycles
  • Ask a bicycle shop to donate money for bicycles for people in impoverished communities to get to work.
  • Organize a bikeathon in which riders ask for donations for each mile they ride.
  1. Motorcycles
  • Ask Christian motorcycle groups to donate money to provide a motorcycle for a pastor who needs transportation to reach more people with the Gospel.
  1. Support a Worker
  • Have a Dinner-and-a-Movie event at your church to raise funds for a Christian worker in another country. You can rent a movie through LifeWay with legal rights to show it for fundraising at your church for one year. 
  • Read missionary stories on our website to touch your people’s hearts with what God is doing around the world. Ask them to give support to a worker from the ministry.
  • Challenge church members to give 10 percent of their salary one week to support a missionary.
  1. Beekeeping
  • Have a bake sale with items made from honey. Donate the money raised to purchase bees as a sustainable income project for a ministry.
  1. Chickens
  • Challenge each family in your congregation to donate the price of a dozen eggs to raise funds for chickens to supply a needy family with food and income.
  • Ask families to donate a dollar for every egg they eat in a month.
  1. Goats
  • During your fall festival, include a petting zoo with goats and chickens. Ask for donations to purchase some of these same animals for ministries in other countries.
  1. Sewing Machines
  • Ask a quilting guild to donate money for a sewing machine so that a mother may support her family by sewing.
  1. Medicines
  • Ask people to put aside the same amount of money they spend on medicine for cold or flu treatment to purchase medications to be sent where the need is greatest.
  1. Wells
  • Ask people to donate the amount of their water bill for a month to dig a well so people can have clean water to drink.
  • Ask each person in the congregation to donate the price of a bottle of water.
  1. COVID Relief Package
  • Challenge each family to donate the price of a COVID test. The tests cost anywhere from $23 to over $200 per test. 
  1. Persecuted Aid Package
  • Sell tickets to a simple meal of rice and beans and donate the money to the Persecuted Church.
  1. Where Most Needed
  • Try making a FIG tree. The FIG stands for Freely I Give. One church asked people to live on 10 percent of their income for a week and donate 90 percent to the church. Those who participated put their name on a paper leaf and attached it to a paper tree on the church lobby wall. It was exciting to see the tree gain leaves and hear how God blessed those who took such an unusual step of faith.

These are some methods your church can use to raise funds for missions. If you come up with other ideas that work, could you let us know?

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