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Waiting, Not Doing

That can be an awful predicament for those of us who are doers…we always resort to ‘what can I DO’ in almost any situation. But there are times when we run into places where there is nothing that we can do to fix the problem, resolve the conflict, or get out of the mess we are in.

     By Pat Morris

When there is nothing to be done, and we find we have no choices, we are forced to do nothing….but wait! That can be a very uncomfortable and unwanted place, but one in which God’s people frequently find themselves.

When we get into these places where we are hemmed in and we have no options, no doors open, no way out, there is an option that we often overlook. We can look into God’s word, Exodus 14:14, “The Lord will fight for you and you won’t have to do a thing!” (Cont. Eng. Version) What!!! Not do a thing when the army of Pharoah is chasing you to the sea, and you are between an avenging army and a watery grave! Not do anything when deadlines are facing you and you have not completed the work! Not do anything when you have applied over and over and no doors open! Not do anything when commitments have been made yet the funds are not sufficient! Not do anything when everything is falling in on you and there is no way out!!! Yet, God says, stand still, be calm, stay at rest at this very time!

We read in Exodus 14 earlier in the chapter that the people panicked when they realized the Egyptian army was chasing them. They began to say all kinds of faithless things against Moses and against God. They acted a lot like we do when we get hemmed in. We start blaming something or somebody, we cry out in panic, feel sorry for ourselves, and talk like an atheist rather than a believer in the God of miracles! Even though they panicked, God had a plan and responded that He was enough for them. If they would wait and rest in Him, God says I will fight this battle for you!

I’m finding myself in a similar situation these days – running into health issues in which I can literally ‘do nothing’. Not only is the health issue taking a long to time resolve, I can do nothing while I wait. The funny thing is that even when my body knows it has to stay put, my mind has not received the message. I’m still thinking of the plants that need watering, the dust on the ceiling fans, and the fridge that should be cleaned, places I need to go and things I need to do! My mind is the last hurdle to overcome in accepting that waiting on the Lord for healing is my BEST option and that resting in him while I wait results in God showing up and fighting my battles! When my thinking gets lined up with God’s Word, I can rest in Him.

Therefore, I will listen to His Words encouraging me, allow him to search my heart and life, and let him identify pockets of unbelief or any ungodliness in me. I will learn to bend my thoughts in the direction of God’s Word and focus on enjoying the journey rather than chaffing and fretting. I’m learning what it means to WAIT on the Lord and allow him to take care of my problems.

I think I’ll put my feet up now and enjoy this time of rest….while I wait for God to fight this battle!!!

Pat Morris is a member of the International Women’s Ministry team.

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