God is at work around the world, and your children can join Him!

Are you searching for a way to make your Vacation Bible School reach the nations? Then here are seven projects where your children can join with native missionaries to share the Good News of Jesus with those who have never heard.

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NICARAGUA: Support Children’s Workers — $10 monthly or $120 for a year

A group of children’s workers in Nicaragua believes that the only way to break the cycle of poverty and change the sense of hopelessness that exists amongst the poor is to start with the children and bring them into a relationship with Jesus—the one true hope for the world. Support them as they share in word and in deed about Jesus’s great and life-changing love through their feeding programs and discipleship clubs.

BULGARIA: 5-Day Art Camps — $40 per child

Children in the impoverished, rural mountain villages of Bulgaria have few recreational opportunities. Many of of them know nothing about the Bible, the gospel or God’s love for them. Help share the love of Jesus by sending a child from one of these villages to a 5-day art camp and help open the door for them to hear the gospel.

AFRICA: Sponsor a Group of Kids —  $10 monthly or $120 for a year

Help bring Jesus’ love and hope to a group of kids in Africa, a land marred with poverty, hunger, political unrest, sickness and violence.  Sponsor a group of kids and help Jesus’ light to shine brightly there and make all the difference. Be a part of providing safe shelter for those without a home, food, education, and most importantly, a way to hear about and experience Jesus’ great love.  

MIDDLE EAST: Education for Syrian refugee children — $300 educates one child for a year

Syrian refugee children and their families have been forced to leave behind all they have ever known and run towards a very uncertain future. A partner ministry is reaching out to these hurting people, resulting in a growing group of families who have turned to Jesus in the midst of their suffering and uncertainty. Their children, as young as ten, work to contribute to the family needs, making them vulnerable to kidnapping or exploitation by employers. Help these children have a brighter future by helping provide a safe home-based school for these children.

INDIA: Sponsor a Group of Kids — $10 monthly or $120 for a year

Children living in the rural villages of northeast India often lead difficult lives deprived of the basic necessities of life, such as food and clean drinking water. Be a part of breaking the cycle of poverty and help a group of these precious children attend a child center where they will receive meals, education, skills development and most importantly, a way to hear about and experience Jesus’ life-changing love.

PHILIPPINES: Rice for Children — $88 to feed a group of 50 kids for a week

The Ati people in the Philippines live under a barrage of racism and discrimination, making finding employment extremely difficult. They live in conditions far worse than the most impoverished people in other parts of the Philippines. Children are often seen as burdens when money and food are too scarce to feed another mouth.  Help share Jesus’ love with Ati children by providing rice and ensuring that they receive food to nourish their bodies.

NORTH KOREA/CHINA: Support a Children’s Home — $10 monthly or $120 for a year

On the North Korean/China border, an orphanage cares for children abandoned by their North Korean mothers who entered China illegally, became pregnant (sometimes because they turned to the sex trade in their desperation) and deserted their children. Help provide an oasis in the midst of sadness for these children who desperately need to know they are wanted.