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Unreached Peoples in Brazil: Reached to Reach Out

More than 80 years ago, a few Brazilian pastors ventured into a dangerous and uncomfortable jungle of northwest Brazil to share the precious good news of the Gospel. There, in the late 1940s, they encountered the Wai-Wai tribe, a small tribe of a few thousand, living in a remote area deep in the Amazon rainforest.

When a Wai-Wai witchdoctor and chief named Eucá began following Jesus, his people soon followed. Today this tribe, once unreached, has a viable Christian presence. Established churches exist in 20 such Wai-Wai communities, and the Wai-Wais have the entire Bible translated into their language! The obedience of those few Brazilian pastors has changed the culture and the very lives of the people they reached!

ANM’s missionary partner in Brazil has many such outreaches in the jungles of the Amazonas region which are planting seeds and seeing the harvest even now. And they don’t just bring tribal groups to Christ—they also share with them the heart of God to reach out to others who still haven’t heard!

So from the very beginning the Wai-Wai people had a vision to reach the unreached with the Gospel. Over the years, they have made trips to evangelize and then disciple other tribes where the foreign Brazilians would not be welcome. Equipped uniquely to reach similar tribes, the Wai-Wais are instrumental in God’s great plan to gather every tribe, every tongue, every nation around His throne!

There is one particular group, closed to the Gospel, for whom the Wai-Wais and our missionary partner have been praying for many years. Patient efforts have been made by the Wai-Wais to earn their trust so that they can share the life-giving news. Over time this group has slowly opened up to the Gospel, and there are now some new converts. However there is continued opposition, and many more still need to be reached.

Please keep the Wai-Wais and other groups like them in your prayers. The wonderful plans God has for them include their passion to see others come to Christ soon so that all those tribes that are out of the reach of traditional western missionaries can gather around the throne of God on that wonderful day!

Learn more about our partner reaching unreached tribes in Brazil.

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