Southeast Asia

The Tigress that Rescues…

“I will redeem and rescue you with an outstretched (vigorous, powerful) arm and with great acts of judgment.” – Exodus 6:6b

At first glance you would think that Sister Sol is just a quiet, meek, unassuming woman. Yes, those things are true of her, but there is an inner strength most would not recognize at first glance. She is really a modern day tigress!

     By Autumn Nims

What do we know about a tigress? First, she puts her cubs needs above her own needs. She will always rescue and fight for the safety of her cubs. She will feed her cubs before she eats, even if it has been days since she last had food. She will let nothing endanger the lives of her offspring. This is what a tigress does.

This modern tigress, Sol, rescues children from modern day slavery.  Many of the children she has pulled off the streets have been trafficked, abandoned, and abused by someone close to them. She is a tigress to the lost, forgotten and misused, defending them against predators. The Lord is using this woman to redeem and rescue young children from the worst kind of evil…SEX SLAVERY.

Sol Balberra

As my husband and I were standing in the midst of the little children at Kanlungan sa Er-Ma (translated Refuge),  we remembered Jesus’ words in Matthew 18:6, “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” My mind could not fathom the atrocities committed against these vulnerable little ones. It was clear that that God had used this tigress, Sol, to bring them out with His outstretched arm. Now, in the safe environment of Kanlungan sa Er-Ma, these rescued children clung to us, played with us, sang to us, and smiled so brightly. They are safe, free, loved and cared for, able to hear and learn to love Jesus. They are NO LONGER SLAVES because of Sol, a quiet, unassuming woman that believes God.  This tigress’s inner strength comes from Him.  Yours does, too.

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