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The Gospel Message Prevents a Suicide in Russia

Anya, a single mom in Russia, was feeling desperate about her situation. Her husband had left her, and she had virtually no income. Anya had two children to provide for: one was five, and the other was about one year old. She lived in a rural area with little possibility of earning income. Anya and the children were hungry, and she was in despair about what to do for income and food. 

One night Anya came up with a plan: the next day she would kill herself. She hoped someone would notice the children alone and rescue them. 

The following day, she got up, showered, and dressed. She went to a shed in the back of her home to find a rope to hang herself. As she searched for a rope, she heard her youngest child crying. She stopped looking and rushed into the house. As she was comforting her child, there was a knock at the door. Two women stood there smiling. They asked if they could talk with her, and she invited the women in. Anya listened as they told her that Jesus loved her and died to save her. Anya’s hurting heart was receptive to this good news, and she immediately prayed to receive Jesus as her Savior. Then she explained how desperate her situation was and her plan. The missionaries intervened, asking others in her community to help Anya and her children get some food. They also made arrangements for another local Christian to keep in touch with her. 

This is one example of how God uses the workers of Russia’s New Testament Church, an ANM partner, to help people in need, sometimes in very desperate need, spiritually and physically. They have discovered that there are over 100,000 communities in Russia with no Christian influence.  Not even the Orthodox Church has reached these remote places. This group determined to reach 10,000 communities with the gospel in the ten years from 2010 to 2020. While they have not yet reached their goal, they were able to reach 8,000 communities in that time, and they continue to work. 

These workers are full-time volunteers who give a year of their lives to be unpaid evangelists. Their strategy is to go in teams to a village and systematically work their way from house to house, sharing the gospel with anyone who responds to their knock on the door. Little did they know how important the timing of that one knock on Anya’s door would be. Not only did they save Anya’s life and her children, but they also saw her soul saved for eternity! Right now they have 260 young adults visiting villages, evangelizing, establishing house churches, then moving on to the next village, the next lost person.

You can be a part of the next desperate person’s rescue team. How is that possible? With your donation to the ANM Gift Catalog, you can send a local Christian worker to reach more of those 10,000 communities in Russia or in other areas where there are unreached people. Or you can give here and join in God’s work worldwide!

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Sue Morris is a writer with ANM's Marketing team.

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