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The Christmas Gift Catalog for Missions

Looking for a way to practice generosity this Christmas or maybe do some alternative gift-giving with your family?

The 2021 ANM Christmas Gift Catalog is here, and it’s full of simple ways to make an eternal difference in someone’s life. Gifts start at just $3.

Every gift in the catalog meets a real, practical need. Every gift also helps spread the Gospel in a part of the world where few people know about Jesus, such as the countries of the 10/40 Window.

Here are three of the most popular gifts this year:

Illustrated Chinese Children’s Bible (a lifelong gift for a child). These Bibles are adapted and illustrated by Chinese Christians, so they are a perfect fit for young children in China. You can give a child a 342-page, full-color Bible storybook for only $4.

Frogs (a new item this year). Grilled frogs are a favorite food in some parts of Southeast Asia, so farmers often raise them to sell. With this gift you can help stock a farm run by pastors. They earn their income through farming since it is often difficult to raise enough financial support as a pastor in this region. $10 buys 200 baby frogs.

Bicycles (one of my favorites). Pastors and church planters in other parts of the world often work in multiple towns, villages, or neighborhoods. The travel is exhausting and time-consuming on top of their actual ministry work. With a bicycle, they can travel faster, do more ministry, AND spend more time with their families at home — with no fuel cost. You can give a bicycle to a pastor for $200.

You can shop the catalog at And if you give a gift in honor of someone, the ANM team can send a card on your behalf.

Finally, don’t forget to download the children’s coloring pages — the kids in your life will enjoy reading the story of Artyom and bringing the illustrations to life in their own style.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Gift Catalog

Shop the ANM Christmas Gift Catalog

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