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Sustainable Ministry Giving Challenge Helped Grow the Kingdom

Since 2012, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving has been designated as Giving Tuesday. It began with the simple idea of designating one special day a year to encourage people to do good. It is now a movement to unleash generosity. It’s a day when people can give back and support their favorite causes. Last November, the ANM community banded together to help native missionaries expand small businesses to further spread the Gospel in Ethiopia, Malaysia, Ireland, and beyond. Thank you!

More church planting will happen in Ethiopia because a local ministry’s barbershop can expand and earn more income.

Local Christians operated a barbershop where they earned $0.50 per customer. With their new expanded and improved shop in a different location, they will be able to earn $2.00 per customer. This will support more missions projects.

More pastors in Malaysia will be supported because a local ministry’s farm business can become more productive.

In one part of Malaysia, ministry workers earn a living through low-paying manual labor. With new agricultural supplies and equipment, they now can increase their income and devote more time to Gospel outreach.

More people in northwest Ireland will hear the Gospel because the local ministry’s secondhand store has the funds it needs for renovations and serving more customers.

Volunteers from an Irish church operate a small secondhand shop that provides quality used goods for poor families and daily opportunities to share the Gospel and pray with customers. Some customers have started attending church for the first time. Renovations will keep the shop open and make a greater impact in the community.

And because of your generous response, eight additional ministries in North Africa and South Asia also received funds needed to expand their outreach in 2022!

Helping to begin or grow these small endeavors is important because there is no other way to financially support Christian missions in these areas. The proceeds from small businesses provide income for local pastors and workers so they don’t have to work additional jobs, giving them more time for ministry. These projects also open the door for countless opportunities to share the Gospel with customers.

“Giving is not simply our act of generosity; giving through ANM allows us to invest in treasure that this world will never take away.” – Joshua and Melody, Donors

Will you pray for native missionaries around the world? Download your free prayer guide here.

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Dee writes for ANM's Marketing team.

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