The tote bag in which The 10/40 Expedition is packaged was made by women in India. Because of a native missionary, these ladies heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and were saved from a life of slavery. Your support in purchasing this curriculum aids in their new life of freedom. There are over 60,000 sex workers in the city of Mumbai, India. Every day, these young women are forced to do horrible things in order to pay off a debt they owe to the brothel owners who bought them. Many times these debts are far too high to ever be repaid, and those who do achieve in purchasing their freedom often have no place to go. Having been rejected by their families, these women turn back to the only other thing they know: prostitution. They carry on with their shameful lives feeling desperate, abandoned, and alone.

But there is hope…

K. K. Deveraj (or Raji as he is called) developed a heart for the many lost people of Mumbai’s red-light district. In 1990, Raji founded Bombay Teen Challenge – a ministry that reaches out to drug addicts, prostitutes, and their children. BTC has drawn many girls out of prostitution by introducing them to the only One who can save their souls. Once they discover the One who cares for the outcasts, they find the hope that eluded them in the midst of their shame.

“What does this have to do with The 10/40 Expedition?” you may be wondering. This has everything to do with it. The whole purpose of this curriculum is twofold. Firstly, it is to teach children about Jesus, and secondly, it is meant to make them aware that there are people in the world who are trying to tell others about the saving power of Jesus Christ. These precious servants of God desperately need our prayers and support. All proceeds from the sale of this curriculum will be used to further the advancement of missions throughout the world.

The reason we chose to introduce you to BTC over the 200 other ANM-supported ministries is because The 10/40 Expedition curriculum is packaged in a bag that was made by some of these very women who have been rescued out of the red-light district. Because someone like you supported a native missionary, hundreds of lives have entered into the joy of Jesus. But Raji is not stopping now. He will not rest until every drug addict, prostitute, and child that has been born into this darkness is saved. Join him and the thousands of missionaries around the world in praying for the people of the “Lost Window” and beyond.