The 10°/40° Expedition: Quest for the Lost Window is a native missions-minded curriculum that takes Explorers on a journey through the 10°/40° Window. Each day starts off with a bang in Adventure Rally where Explorers will meet Addison Venture, a self-proclaimed, world famous explorer; sing eight original Expedition songs that teach each day’s Trail Tip with a cultural flair; and learn how they can help native missionaries share the Gospel by giving toward a special ANM Missions Project.

After Explorers sing their hearts out in Adventure Rally, they will get their Passports stamped at customs and head to explore five Expedition Sites. In Bible Exploration, children will experience the day’s Bible Story and hear how native missionaries are living out the region’s Trail Tip in their own homelands.

Artistic imagination is encouraged during Native Creations as Explorers make regional crafts that will remind them to pray for the people of the 10°/40° Window long after their Expedition ends. Children will love tasting the indigenous foods of the various regions in Marketplace Snacks, and Global Games is sure to be filled with a-MAZE-ing fun!

The final Expedition Site is Missionary Outpost, and it is certain to change your Explorers’ lives. This site has two main goals: to present the Gospel clearly using the Jump to J salvation plan, and to provide opportunity for your church or ministry to host a real, live native missionary at your Expedition. By choosing to host a missionary, you will be offering your children the unique experience of meeting one of God’s special servants and hearing how he is being used to share the Gospel of Jesus with people in his own home country.

Along with a Passport, each Explorer will be given their very own full-color Travel Log filled with notes from their Expedition, activities, recipes, and games to help them learn about each region. These invaluable Expedition tools will enable young Explorers to see that Jesus is the One True God who loves the people of the 10°/40° Window and beyond.

After a full day of “Ad-Venture,” Expedition Groups will meet up at Bring-it-on-Home Finale to apply what they have learned through object lessons, skits, and Expedition songs as they are encouraged to be native missionaries in their own homes and community.

Region: Africa
Trail Tip: Care for Others
Bible Story: Elijah and the Widow (I Kings 17:1-24)

Region: Middle East
Trail Tip: Prayer is Powerful
Bible Story: Peter Freed from Prison (Acts 12:1-18)

Region: South Asia
Trail Tip: Jesus is the One True God
Bible Story: Saved from the Fiery Furnace (Daniel 3)

Region: Southeast Asia
Trail Tip: Jesus Saves
Bible Story: The Good Shepherd (John 10:1-18, 27-28)

Region: Far East
Trail Tip: Go and Share the Good News
Bible Story: Jesus Feeds the 5,000 (Mark 6:30-46)