Social Media for Native Missions

“Advocacy is the act of pleading for someone else…defending or standing up for someone else’s cause…speaking out for those without a voice…” – Jerry Harding, “The Heart of an Advocate”

Advocating for native missionaries is at the heart of ANM’s ministry. At ANM, our goals are to equip, encourage, and advocate for native missionaries around the world. We advocate for missionaries who may not be able to speak on their own behalf so that their stories can be heard, their prayer requests can be prayed for, and their networks of friends and circles of support can grow. 

At the heart of advocacy is sharing. Each time someone hears a “God story” about what God is doing through one of ANM’s native missionary partners around the globe, or hears of a prayer request that needs intercession, there is a strong desire to share these things with anyone who will listen. 

Sharing is also at the heart of social media. People connect via social media with friends, family, and organizations in order to stay in the know, and also to share important content with others. Social media platforms have become some of the primary ways that people communicate with one another in today’s society. As the body of Christ, we have been given an opportunity to reach those around us with the good news of the Gospel and the exciting work that is happening for God’s Kingdom. 

Advocacy and social media, therefore, truly go hand in hand. By sharing stories of what God is doing through native missionaries on social media, you can be an advocate. You have the ability to reach people who may not have heard of native missionaries, ANM, or even Jesus Christ. You can begin your journey as an online advocate by liking Advancing Native Missions on Facebook, following ANM on Twitter and Instagram, and sharing the content posted on these pages with those around you. 

If you are reading this post, you are already a part of the ANM family, and we are so glad to have you with us. We encourage you to also be a part of the ANM family on social media. By connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can stay in the loop about what God is doing in and through our partners globally. This will equip you to be an advocate for native missionaries to those you are connected with. Help us bring people into the ANM family by partnering with us via social media. 

Right now we are in the middle of our “31 Days, 31 Ways to Pray” prayer campaign. Each day during the month of July, we are posting specific prayer requests that detail how you can pray for native missionaries. This is a great way to begin advocating for native missionaries through social media. Share these prayer requests with your friends, pray for native missionaries, and pray that more people would join us as we support our brothers and sisters around the world.

Join the ANM family on social media, share what God is doing, and be an advocate. 


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