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Set Free From the Slavery of…

“…I am the Lord, I will free you from your oppression, and rescue you from slavery…” – Exodus 6:6

God promises to rescue the children of Israel from slavery. They had been enslaved to relentless task masters for generations and saw no way out nor ever thought of themselves as free.

     By Deborah Bundy-Carpenter

I dare say that many of us have and still do experience the heavy burden of oppression, see no way out, nor think of ourselves as free. Unlike the Israelites we may not be bound in physical chains, but chains nonetheless.

Your slavery and mine may not necessarily seem like a big deal. We have probably become quite comfortable in our bondage and it’s ‘just the way life is’. Do we even know what true freedom feels like? Does your oppression resemble some that have enslaved me?
• The bondage of perfectionism
• The heavy oppression of fear
• The relentless burden of shame
• Being a slave to saying “YES”
• The suffering of brokenness

That’s just a few – sounds depressing and hopeless doesn’t it? Do you want to stay there? Or are you longing to be free? Those questions sound very cliché don’t they? The kind of rhetoric we may read in our Christian journals and self-help books. But there is nothing cliché about wanting to be free. And unlike all those self-help books there is no magic formula for that freedom. It’s as simple as believing that the same God that brought Israel out with a mighty arm will also rescue you.

It is not a coincidence how many times in the scriptures that our God is referred to as a rescuer, redeemer, savior, miracle-worker, bondage-breaker, burden-bearer, mighty warrior —— because HE IS!!! We were never meant to carry this yoke of slavery, so I dare you to go boldly to the throne of grace and ask for your freedom! He is waiting to set you free with His powerful arm. Embrace the freedom He offers us.

Exodus 6:6b – “…I will redeem you with a powerful arm, and great acts of judgement.”

Deborah Bundy-Carpenter is a member of ANM’s International Women’s Ministries team.


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