Together: Running for Slovenia

I have seen the power and ministry of “togetherness,” mostly on the mission field in Guatemala. Now I am experiencing it as I run…and run…and run!  

By Kristin Teeple

I don’t have anyone to run with, but I am not alone. 

My two sisters are participating in the same race. Our mom is running the Richmond Marathon the same day with the same finish line, so we will get to share the day with her too.

Friends from my hometown have texted me during my weekend long runs, encouraging me, praying for me, and listening when I need to admit that it is hard. 

My roommate has put up with a lot. A lot of talk about running…and I eat a LOT these days. 

Many girls in my community group have taken turns texting me in the morning to make sure I get myself out of my cozy bed and get out for a run. This has been one of the hardest parts of this whole thing…. (Do you know the Dr. Seuss book, I Am Not Going to Get Up Today? It says “My bed is warm. My pillow’s deep. Today’s the day, I’m going to sleep.” I identify with this character very much.) But with everyone’s help (togetherness) I am not giving in. I run!

Each of my race sponsors and prayer partners stands with me, and together we will support the work of Roc and Polona in Slovenia. Every gift that comes in is so encouraging to me. It reminds me that you stand with me. You advocate with me. You are impacting the nation of Slovenia with me. 

And the LORD is WITH me. The Maker of the heavens and the earth is with me. He has surrounded me with His creation that, in its silence and in its roaring, proclaims the power and glory of God (check out Knowing God By Name by Mary A. Kassian). It is His workmanship that allows me to have breath in my lungs, healthy bloodflow to my heart and muscles, and a brain that allows me to be connected to my body with coordination and control, all without conscious thought. God’s creation in the human body is pretty amazing!

It is amazing to see the fruit of step-by-step hard work and lots of miles paying off! My body is getting stronger. And mentally I have made a shift too. I used to have anxiety before a long run. The first time I needed to do five miles, I was restless the night before and had trouble sleeping. Again this happened the night before six miles.  But now I see that I am ABLE and that anxiety has faded away. I go to bed hydrated, with alarms set, and calm. I am sure I can accomplish the task ahead of me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this has not become easy; but together we are stronger. Together with you, I am stronger! And that is awesome. 

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” – Matthew 28:19-20 

Kristin Teeple is on staff at ANM. Read more of her story at She is looking for a $100 sponsor for each mile of her run. This will fund a Life Center in Slovenia for at least a year.

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