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Relaunched ANM Podcast Connects Believers to World of Native Missions

Advancing Native Missions is excited to announce the relaunch of its podcast, renamed The Native Missions Podcast. The new podcast will give you insight into native missions, inspire you with stories from the mission field, and offer you ways to be further involved in mission work. 

Stories from missionaries on the front lines will reveal how God is at work worldwide, transforming lives and communities. Interviews with staff and donors will show how they have been encouraged as they have served others. The episodes will offer ways to get involved through projects you can give to, ways you can pray for missionaries and ministries, and ideas for how you can become a native missionary in your own backyard.

If you don’t know what a native missionary is, the podcast will explain that, but here is a brief explanation: Most Christians are familiar with the term “missionary.” Traditionally, a missionary leaves their culture, context, and country to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a foreign place where the Gospel is unknown, rare, or restricted.

A native or indigenous missionary is a person dedicated to reaching the people within their own context. These native missionaries are already accustomed to the culture, beliefs, and language of the people they serve.

ANM has 13,510 native missionaries in our network, working in 112 countries and reaching 1,002 unreached people groups. We hope to offer you the inside scoop on native missions — the advantages, the obstacles, the social, political, and cultural environments, the people sharing the Gospel, the people being reached, and their prayer requests.

One goal of the podcast is to inspire you in your Christian walk. Our hope is that hearing moving testimonies from overseas will challenge you and encourage you to take further steps into who God has called you to be for His glory.

As you hear stories from the front lines of global missions and meet Christians dedicated to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, we hope you will want to become more involved in missions. We want you to encounter these inspiring testimonies of God’s work and see how you can be a part of reaching the nations. As opportunities open up, we will share needs that you can meet with prayer, giving, and even going to the field.

In the first episode, Eric Vess shares how a native missionary in Central Asia is reaching Muslims in her village: 

It’s not that you separate your life into your job and your ministry, kind of the way we do, but that they’re all intertwined … If you employ Muslims in your beekeeping business, then part of your ministry is sharing with them why you’re doing that. Why are you helping them? Why are you giving them a skill so they can live through COVID and through these situations in their own countries? And the answer to that is because God loves you. Because Jesus loves us, and because we want to share that with you, and we don’t want a wall between you and me. 

And so, they said, “We don’t want church buildings. We have house fellowships because we don’t want a wall between us and our Muslim neighbors.” And so, the business operates that way. The family relationships operate that way because anybody with an extended family is going to have plenty of Muslims in their extended family, and they all know what they do, and they still have meals together. They still fellowship together because they’re extended families. And I think that’s something that seems unusual to us but is completely normal to most people in the world, and especially in this part of the world because that’s how their culture operates. It operates on this extended family basis. 

If you would like to hear this podcast, you can click this link:

We hope you will join us this season and be inspired as we hear how God is working around the world — here on The Native Missions Podcast.

Listen to The Native Missions Podcast


An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that ANM works among 1,466 unreached people groups. The correct number is 1,002.

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