Piglet – Philippines Living Rock Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $70

Living Rock Ministries under the leadership of ANM partners Pastor Danny and Cita Montes seeks to care for single missionary ladies and pastor’s widows by providing them piglets, which can be raised and then sold at market. And of course the pig’s offspring multiply the business. If you can’t give a whole pig, invite a friend to join you.


Bibles – Indonesia Ocean of Grace Ministry | Complete

Amount: $4

Ocean of Grace Ministries is seeing 300 Muslims come to Christ every month and placing a Bible in the hands of every new believer is a necessity. Ocean of Grace needs at least 1000 copies at $3.50 each by the end of 2016. Each donation of $35 will buy 10 Bibles.


Ducks – Philippines Norala Ministerial Fellowship | In Progress

Amount: $4

ANM ministry partner Norala Medical Dental Evangelical Ministry has a pastor who reaches out to the Muslim minorities on the island of Mindanao. This pastor seeks one self-sustaining means to support his ministry: raising egg-laying ducks. He needs 265 egg-laying ducks at $4 each to start his micro-enterprise.


Power Tools – ANM Construction Teams Ministry Tool Shed Ministry | In Progress

Amount: $50

The “Tool Shed” function of the Construction Teams Ministry (CTM) of ANM offers vocational training to native missionaries during CTM trips. Our teams take power tools with them and leave them with the native missionaries who have been trained to help them provide for their families. Many of them have never held a power tool, so to actually receive one is a life-changing experience. A gift of $50 will go a long way in supplying a power tool for the CTM Tool Shed ministry.


Water Wells – Cambodia Evangelical Mission Association | Complete

Amount: $100

Brother Sokhon Khan leads his Evangelical Missions Association in Kampong Thom and manages six children’s homes in neighboring towns to provide shelter for children from the rural areas as well as for orphans. This allows them to get schooling. Yet the children’s homes have no indoor plumbing. Drilling wells will supply clean water for the children and provide a springboard to share Jesus, the Water of Life, with the community. Each well costs $2000. Twenty persons giving $100 each will provide one well.


Motorbikes – Indonesia Ocean of Grace Ministry | In Progress

Amount: $99

One of our ministry partners in Indonesia is in need of 11 motorbikes for their missionaries who are preaching the gospel to Muslim villages. Travel to many of these villages is long and dangerous, many places cannot even be reached with four-wheel drive vehicles. 19 donors giving $99 each will provide $1881 to purchase one motorbike. 


Bilingual (Arabic-Bahasa) Bibles – Indonesia Gema Kalvari Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $15

Muslims who dabble in the occult and spiritism are called “Red” Muslims. Our fearless Indonesian partners of Gema Kalvari Ministries long to bring the Word of God to these confused seekers, but Arabic-Bahasa bilingual Bibles are expensive ($15/copy). Giving these missionaries more such Bibles will enable them to influence and disciple more “Red” Muslims for Christ. With 250 million people, Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim country. What potential!


Medicines – Philippines Medicines for the Philippines | In Progress

Amount: $1

Several of our partners in the Philippines are involved in medical outreach ministries. Through our U.S. partners we can buy and ship medicines at extremely discounted prices. Every dollar treats a patient; $100 treats up to 100 patients. $10,000 is needed.


Seminar Recordings – Thailand Thailand Women’s Ministry | Complete

Amount: $60

Sister Noi’s Bible teachings have brought enlightenment and new life to many Thai women. Her seminars are so popular that ladies demanded transcripts and audio recordings. Her friends responded by facilitating the transcribing, recording and reproduction of her seminars in the Thai language. Then as these materials became available and distributed by her followers to new contacts, more people began clamoring for video recordings, saying, “We want to see your face while you teach!” A professional video recording locally made in Thailand into DVD format would cost an equivalent of $200 per hour. A seminar is usually three hours long so each one would cost $600.00. To help Noi make her first teaching seminar DVD, we need ten people to donate $60 each.


Chairs – Philippines Living Rock Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $9

The Living Rock Ministries church in Polangi was destroyed by Super Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. The congregation has constructed a new worship hall, and now needs 100 durable plastic chairs at $9 each. If more than $900 is received, additional LRM churches will be helped.

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