Bicycles – Bangladesh Followers of Jesus Fellowship | In Progress

Amount: $100

Taking the gospel to villages in Bangladesh is difficult due to lack of transportation. A gift of a bicycle will bring much joy to these hard-working missionaries and allow them to reach other villages more easily with the good news of Jesus Christ.


Sewing Machines – Nepal Truth of Christ Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $110

Many women flock to sewing lessons provided by native missionaries as it teaches them a trade to help their families economically and to support the ministry. Each gift of $110 will provide a sewing machine; eight are needed.


Blankets – Bangladesh Bangladesh Outreach Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $25

As Bangladesh lies on the same latitude as Florida, many residents do not possess warm clothing. Yet the winters are too cold for tropical clothes. Blankets will help keep missionaries warm in winter and open the hearts of villagers to listen to the gospel.


Bibles – Bangladesh Gospel for Bangladesh | In Progress

Amount: $5

Missionaries travel from village to village sharing the good news of Christ. As villagers accept Christ, they need Bibles in their own language. Many church attenders also do not own or can’t afford a Bible. Each gift of $5 provides a Bible for a follower of Jesus.


Goats – India Faith Revive Trust of India | In Progress

Amount: $40

The gift of a goat gives many missionaries one more way to provide for their families as they continue to work in the ministry. A nanny goat will provide milk for the family and perhaps some to sell. When the nanny goat has a kid, it also can be sold to meet family needs.


Power Tools – ANM Construction Teams Ministry Tool Shed Ministry | In Progress

Amount: $50

The “Tool Shed” function of the Construction Teams Ministry (CTM) of ANM offers vocational training to native missionaries during CTM trips. Our teams take power tools with them and leave them with the native missionaries who have been trained to help them provide for their families. Many of them have never held a power tool, so to actually receive one is a life-changing experience. A gift of $50 will go a long way in supplying a power tool for the CTM Tool Shed ministry.


Portable Generator – India Peniel Gospel Team | In Progress

Amount: $350

Many villagers flock to showings of the Jesus film and gladly listen to songs and messages of visiting evangelistic teams. But many places don’t have electricity. Portable generators ($350 each) enable teams to use their projectors and sound systems anywhere.


Bus – India International Biblical Missionary Church Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $30

Children at International Biblical Missionary Church’s children’s home in India have to walk four miles every day to get to school. Children as young as four are traveling busy streets in order to receive an education. They have faithfully dreamed of and prayed for a bus for nine years. We can reach our goal of $30,000 if 30 people give $1,000 each or if 300 people give $100 each.


Saris – Nepal Truth of Christ Ministries | Complete

Amount: $15

Now is the opportunity to show your love and concern for the missionary wives who lost everything in their villages during the terrible earthquake in Nepal. A sari for just $15 will not only cover them with dignity but will show how much you care for them who carry the Good News to the people living in the rugged mountains of the Himalayas. We would like to provide 150 saris to missionary wives.


Bag of Rice – Nepal Endeavor Nepal | In Progress

Amount: $30

The severe earthquake in Nepal affected thousands of lives. Many are living in the refugee camps, but there is not enough food. A 50-pound bag of rice costs $30. Our partners are ready to share God’s love by providing food to those who are hungry. We’re seeking 500 bags of rice.

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