Help for Unplanned Pregnancies – Israel Be’ad Chaim | In Progress

Amount: $1,200

An estimated 40-50 thousand babies are aborted annually in Israel. Be’ad Chaim, a pregnancy center in Israel, is committed to reduce this number by offering services free of charge to women with unplanned pregnancies. One of the ways is through Operation Moses. The program supplies women in crisis with all they need for the first year of their child’s life. This includes a baby stroller, crib, changing table, and bath, along with monthly supplies of diapers, formula, and other baby products. As Be’ad Chaim offers this help they are seeing more women say YES! to life. $1,200 covers the cost of one child to receive help through Operation Moses. Every gift helps!


Shipping Aid to Israeli Ministries Comfort My People | In Progress

Amount: $3,500

Israel has one of the highest poverty rates among the world’s developed countries. We are now working in partnership with five Messianic ministries there, each of which provides humanitarian assistance to the poor along with their other activities. Together we can help them display Yeshua’s generous love for the destitute and downtrodden.


Audio Recorded Bibles – Iraq Iraq Relief Fund | In Progress

Amount: $10

There is a great need for audio recorded Bibles in Iraq because many people cannot read and this gets the Word of God into their hands. These units are rechargeable, compact and easier to distribute than printed Bibles. You can put the Word into their hands and hearts for $10 each; 400 units are immediately needed.


Blankets – Egypt My Kinsmen | In Progress

Amount: $25

Winters are cold in the villages of Egypt and blanket prices are higher than many can afford. Children often get sick in the winter because they do not have adequate covering on cold nights. The gift of a blanket helps keep them warm and in many cases opens the door for families to hear more about Christ. Each gift of $25 will supply one blanket to help keep a child warm. One hundred blankets are requested.


Supplies for Refugees in Iraq (Container Shipment) Iraq Relief Fund | In Progress

Amount: $8,000

Northern Iraq’s harsh winter is quickly approaching. In these circumstances the needs are dire. ANM has partners ready to help Iraqis and others displaced by ISIS violence.


Safe Houses My Kinsmen | In Progress

Amount: $100

New Christians in the Middle East often face opposition from their own neighbors and families. Loved ones disown them and sometimes even seek to kill them. The new believers must often leave home and find new places to live. Our partners provide safe houses for these Christians while they are in danger. $100 provides for one family for one month.


Goats for Widows and Needy Families – Pakistan Pakistan for Christ | In Progress

Amount: $35

Goats that multiply! That’s what our ministry partner in Pakistan wants to provide. Many widows and needy families would benefit from having a nanny goat. It would provide milk for the children and income from baby goats when they are sold. The ministry leader only asks that the first kid (goat) born to recipients be given back to the ministry so it can be passed on to another needy person or family, hence multiplying the effect. Each gift of $70 will provide one goat; a gift of $35 will enable another person to partner with you. The ministry is aiming for 50 goats.


Food Bags – Middle East My Kinsmen | In Progress

Amount: $30

Many in the Middle East are poor and cannot afford basic food items. Our partner ministries take food to villages, sharing that people who love Jesus supplied the food. This opens the door for residents to hear more about Christ. Each gift of $25 will supply one bag of food to help feed a family.


Persian Bibles – Iran Elam Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $15

After 18 years, the new Persian Bible is published. Help get this complete Bible into the hands of Christians in Iran and the Farsi-speaking people of the world. Each gift of $15 will deliver a Persian Bible to Farsi-speaking people in Iran and other nations. The desire is to provide 1,000 Bibles.


Training Center – Algeria North Africa Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $25

“Now is the time to train and send out hundreds of Algerians for missions.” These words are from an Algerian mission leader who plans a building for training, conferences, youth events, and summer camps for children, youth and new believers. The land has been purchased and excavation work is already underway. Each gift of $25 will provide one square foot of the first phase of this project, which includes the ground floor, offices, kitchen and dining hall. Seed money received so far has laid the foundation. The ministry now needs $50,000 to complete further phases.

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