School Supplies for Deaf School – Honduras His Love in Action Ministry | In Progress

Amount: $5

In Honduras, if your child is born with a disability, it is very difficult for him or her to get an education, job skills, or any kind of hopeful future. Most end up joining street gangs and getting involved with drug trafficking and violence. His Love In Action provides literacy education and vocational training for deaf students in the city of Tegucigalpa. However, most cannot afford school supplies. Each gift of $5 will supply notebooks, pencil sharpeners, colored markers and paper for one student. A gift of $200 will provide for all 40.


Feed a Child for a Year – Guatemala Hope of Life International | In Progress

Amount: $170

Children in rural villages of Guatemala rarely get balanced meals and good nutrition. Many wake up hungry and go to bed hungry, almost never eating a hot meal. They barely survive on flour water and thinned milk, and many suffer malnutrition. You can change that! A small gift of $170 will give a child a hot meal every day for a full year!


Illustrated Bibles for Native Children – Peru Segadores Missionary Movement | In Progress

Amount: $11

Ashaninka children who have listened to Bible lessons all year, and can read, are now eager to have their own copy of the Bible. Neither they nor their parents can afford to buy one. An illustrated Bible which they would treasure costs just $11. Purchasing 15 Bibles would cost $165.


Motorbikes – Colombia Christ to the Unreached Tribes | In Progress

Amount: $175

In the mountains of Colombia, our missionaries are spreading the gospel among unreached tribes with great success. Yet many must travel days through narrow, mud-covered jungle paths. They could really use some motorized dirt bikes to traverse the difficult terrain. One such motorbike would cost about $1750. Ten people giving $175 would provide one. At least three such bikes are needed.


Backhoe – Mexico Seedtime & Harvest Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $30

Donald and Becky Kamese minister in San Luis de La Paz, Guanajuato, a city within the Circle of Silence (a six-state region of Mexico where there are only 290 evangelical Christians). They have recently been blessed with their first child.

The Kameses’ house and school are both nearing completion, giving them great hope for the future of their ministry. They continue to further establish their ministry through spreading the Word, overseeing new church plants, discipling fellow Christians, conducting Bibles studies, and ministering to children. They are currently trying to purchase a backhoe which they would use to provide vocational training for locals.

Help Purchase the Backhoe


Bibles – Cuba Bibles for Cuba | In Progress

Amount: $3

Cuba is currently experiencing a tremendous revival. As more people come to Christ and hunger for God’s word, Bibles are in great demand. But Bibles are extremely expensive—when available—and the churches in Cuba are experiencing a shortage. You can provide Bibles for reputable ministries for just $3 each. Our goal is to send 3,000 Bibles.


Shoes for Children – Mexico Seedtime & Harvest Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $20

Seedtime and Harvest Ministries ministers to children in various ways meeting basic needs and showing them the love of Christ. They conduct Saturday morning clubs for children and help kids that enjoy soccer but cannot afford the shoes necessary to play. Seedtime is requesting gifts for new school shoes and some soccer shoes for especially needy children. Each gift of $20 will provide a pair of shoes. Some 25 children need shoes. The total need is $500.


Honduras Container His Love in Action Ministry | In Progress

Most students at His Love in Action Deaf School come from very poor families with monthly incomes of $50–100 for six to ten family members. His Love in Action provides meals, school supplies, transportation, and doctor’s care for students free of charge. This ministry is serving the whole family in Christ’s name. They can do more if we equip them. See the container list to help collect items.