Jesus Film DVD in Chinese – China China Harvest Ministry | In Progress

Amount: $2

There is a tremendous hunger in China to know more about the true and living God as revealed in the Bible. For just $2 you can help meet that need by sending a DVD of the Jesus Film in Mandarin Chinese to one of the thousands who long to know Jesus Christ. Believers also use this tool for evangelism and discipleship. The goal is to buy and distribute 2,000 DVDs.


Orphanage – North Korea North Korea Outreach | In Progress

Amount: $30

On the North Korean/China border, an orphanage cares for children abandoned by North Korean women who entered China illegally, became pregnant (sometimes because they turned to the sex trade in their desperation), and abandoned their children. The orphanage is an oasis in the midst of sadness for these children who desperately need to know they are wanted. Would you consider care for a month for just $30, or $360 for a year? This is not a sponsorship, but your answer will make an eternal difference.


Train and Send a Missionary – North Korea North Korea Outreach | In Progress

Amount: $165

The picture shows two believers slipping across the border into North Korea, Christianity’s worst persecutor, with sacks over their shoulders. These sacks carry food, Bibles and gospel literature. Our North Korean indigenous ministry partner is training and sending missionaries like this into NK to share Christ and start churches. Your gift of $165 will provide training for one month; $1,980 for a whole year. Any amount will be pro-rated to help send light into the darkness and hope into the land of despair. Goal is to provide training for 50 missionaries.


Broadcasting the Gospel – North Korea North Korea Outreach | In Progress

Amount: $200

Imagine hiding under a blanket or sitting in the middle of the woods where no one can hear you secretly listening to the radio. For the first time in your life, you are hearing the gospel and teachings from the Bible. But there are hours at a time when the radios are silent, because our partner does not have the funds to broadcast. Your gift of $200 will air one 30-minute broadcast; $400 will cover the cost of an hour’s program.