Tin Sheets for Church Roofs – Tanzania Unreached Peoples Mission | In Progress

Amount: $7

African believers make bricks out of mud, but the thatch roofs rot in the rain. Most congregations lack the cash income to purchase corrugated galvanized iron sheets for church roofs. You can supply a sheet for $7. A typical church roof costs $250.


Health Care Needs – Africa Africa Ministry | In Progress

Amount: $50

Almost weekly, Tony Weedor, ANM’s Desk Director for Africa, receives a special plea for help from a missionary leader who has a medical need either personally, or for a family member or coworker in the ministry. Whether in the bush, a village, or the city, medical emergencies are serious and many times missionaries suffer because they don’t have enough money. Would you give a gift of $50 to provide a resource for medical assistance for native missionaries of Africa as soon as the need arises?


Wells – Africa Africa Ministry | In Progress

Amount: $100

Jesus preached to the woman at the well. Today across Africa women still gather at wells to get water. When a ministry has a well drilled, the women will not only receive water for earthly life, they also receive the living water for eternal life given by the Holy Spirit through the preaching of God’s word by native missionaries. For every 20 people who give $100 each, a new well can be drilled where Christ will be preached and souls will be saved.


Guest House & Learning Center – Liberia Center-Point Project Liberia | In Progress

Amount: $100

After 14 years of civil war followed by the Ebola epidemic, the economy and social fabric of Ethiopia are a mess and the people of are crippled. Centerpoint wants to provide pastoral training, Bible studies, retreats, and conferences to help to reshape the worldview and rebuild the lives of the Liberian people. Along with the learning center will be a seven-bedroom guesthouse to accommodate ministry staff. 80 partners giving $100 each will complete cost of this building project.


Why is a Goat so Valuable? – Ghana Center of Good News | In Progress

Amount: $30

Children throughout Africa struggle with the payment of school fees. When a child is given a “kid,” a baby goat, he/she can raise the goat and sell its babies for school fees. Without an education the children are subject to continuing the hand-to-mouth existence of their parents. A gift of a goat paves the way to a better future, and connects the child to a missionary organization that will share the gift of Christ Jesus with them.


Kenya Container Life in Abundance International | In Progress

Amount: $8,400

Life in Abundance of Kenya opened a residential training center in 2015 to train and equip local leaders, house ministry offices, provide lodging for guests, and offer income-producing rental space for events and conferences. Let’s help this ministry fill its new facility with the furniture, books, and technology necessary to fulfill its purpose. See the container list to help collect items.


Birth Center – Kenya Family Impact Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $20

A woman dies every ninety seconds from pregnancy-related complications. Want to be part of a project that will change that statistic? Family Impact, one of ANM’s ministry partners in Kenya, desires to minister to women, babies, and their families by sharing the love of Jesus, providing research-based maternity care, and presenting biblical teaching to strengthen families. The ministry’s new birth center in the village of Ileho will provide skilled maternity care for women and their babies. Please help the precious women of Ileho by financially and prayerfully supporting this project. $20 will provide one square foot of the foundation.


Container Shipment – Uganda Warehouse for the Nations | In Progress

Amount: $10,000

Back to the Bible Truth, our ministry partner in Uganda, is making an outsized impact on the continent of Africa. This spring they hosted (with ANM and INCM) a training conference for children’s workers from seven African countries. Their farming operation feeds over 2000 children and supports several pastors. BBT also runs schools and health clinics, in addition to supporting churches and pastors. The BBT team recently sent us a list of items that would help them expand and enhance these ministries to reach farther and deeper for the kingdom. Let’s help them do more!


Container – Liberia Warehouse for the Nations | In Progress

Amount: $6,000

Center Point Liberia’s vision is to teach Liberia’s present and future leaders how best to influence their culture and society for Christ through a sound Biblical worldview. The contents of this container will furnish Center Point’s guesthouse, which will be a comfortable and safe home for guest teachers and ministry partners while they serve in a foreign environment. The guesthouse will include a conference facility to be used as a training center for church and ministry leaders in Liberia. See the container list to help collect items.


School for Children – Tanzania Unreached Peoples Mission | In Progress

Amount: $25

For just $25 per month ($300 a year) a child can attend school and have everything he or she needs: uniform, shoes, and books. Without a good education, children seldom climb out of poverty. Please help a child become a student and gain a whole new worldview. He or she will be taught Christian principles along with core academics.