Bicycles – Bangladesh Followers of Jesus Fellowship | In Progress

Amount: $100

Taking the gospel to villages in Bangladesh is difficult due to lack of transportation. A gift of a bicycle will bring much joy to these hard-working missionaries and allow them to reach other villages more easily with the good news of Jesus Christ.


Motorbikes – Colombia Christ to the Unreached Tribes | In Progress

Amount: $175

In the mountains of Colombia, our missionaries are spreading the gospel among unreached tribes with great success. Yet many must travel days through narrow, mud-covered jungle paths. They could really use some motorized dirt bikes to traverse the difficult terrain. One such motorbike would cost about $1750. Ten people giving $175 would provide one. At least three such bikes are needed.


Bus – India International Biblical Missionary Church Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $30

Children at International Biblical Missionary Church’s children’s home in India have to walk four miles every day to get to school. Children as young as four are traveling busy streets in order to receive an education. They have faithfully dreamed of and prayed for a bus for nine years. We can reach our goal of $30,000 if 30 people give $1,000 each or if 300 people give $100 each.


Motorbikes – Indonesia Ocean of Grace Ministry | In Progress

Amount: $99

One of our ministry partners in Indonesia is in need of 11 motorbikes for their missionaries who are preaching the gospel to Muslim villages. Travel to many of these villages is long and dangerous, many places cannot even be reached with four-wheel drive vehicles. 19 donors giving $99 each will provide $1881 to purchase one motorbike.