Shipping Aid to Israeli Ministries Comfort My People | In Progress

Amount: $3,500

Israel has one of the highest poverty rates among the world’s developed countries. We are now working in partnership with five Messianic ministries there, each of which provides humanitarian assistance to the poor along with their other activities. Together we can help them display Yeshua’s generous love for the destitute and downtrodden.


Bibles – Indonesia Ocean of Grace Ministry | Complete

Amount: $4

Ocean of Grace Ministries is seeing 300 Muslims come to Christ every month and placing a Bible in the hands of every new believer is a necessity. Ocean of Grace needs at least 1000 copies at $3.50 each by the end of 2016. Each donation of $35 will buy 10 Bibles.


Bibles – Bangladesh Gospel for Bangladesh | In Progress

Amount: $5

Missionaries travel from village to village sharing the good news of Christ. As villagers accept Christ, they need Bibles in their own language. Many church attenders also do not own or can’t afford a Bible. Each gift of $5 provides a Bible for a follower of Jesus.


Audio Recorded Bibles – Iraq Iraq Relief Fund | In Progress

Amount: $10

There is a great need for audio recorded Bibles in Iraq because many people cannot read and this gets the Word of God into their hands. These units are rechargeable, compact and easier to distribute than printed Bibles. You can put the Word into their hands and hearts for $10 each; 400 units are immediately needed.


Illustrated Bibles for Native Children – Peru Segadores Missionary Movement | In Progress

Amount: $11

Ashaninka children who have listened to Bible lessons all year, and can read, are now eager to have their own copy of the Bible. Neither they nor their parents can afford to buy one. An illustrated Bible which they would treasure costs just $11. Purchasing 15 Bibles would cost $165.


Republic of Georgia Container Warehouse for the Nations | In Progress

Amount: $8,500

In the strife-ridden Republic of Georgia, only 1.37% of the population has a personal, transforming relationship with Christ, and 15 people groups wait for any meaningful Gospel witness at all. You can help.

Vibrant young churches in Georgia are bringing eternal hope and immediate aid and encouragement. We are equipping our partners there to take their work to the next level.


Chairs – Philippines Living Rock Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $9

The Living Rock Ministries church in Polangi was destroyed by Super Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. The congregation has constructed a new worship hall, and now needs 100 durable plastic chairs at $9 each. If more than $900 is received, additional LRM churches will be helped.


Persian Bibles – Iran Elam Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $15

After 18 years, the new Persian Bible is published. Help get this complete Bible into the hands of Christians in Iran and the Farsi-speaking people of the world. Each gift of $15 will deliver a Persian Bible to Farsi-speaking people in Iran and other nations. The desire is to provide 1,000 Bibles.


Bibles – Cuba Bibles for Cuba | In Progress

Amount: $3

Cuba is currently experiencing a tremendous revival. As more people come to Christ and hunger for God’s word, Bibles are in great demand. But Bibles are extremely expensive—when available—and the churches in Cuba are experiencing a shortage. You can provide Bibles for reputable ministries for just $3 each. Our goal is to send 3,000 Bibles.


Shoes for Children – Mexico Seedtime & Harvest Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $20

Seedtime and Harvest Ministries ministers to children in various ways meeting basic needs and showing them the love of Christ. They conduct Saturday morning clubs for children and help kids that enjoy soccer but cannot afford the shoes necessary to play. Seedtime is requesting gifts for new school shoes and some soccer shoes for especially needy children. Each gift of $20 will provide a pair of shoes. Some 25 children need shoes. The total need is $500.

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