Life Skills Center Native American Projects | In Progress

Amount: $10

Advancing Native Missions is supporting a project to raise funds to build and furnish the Life Skills Center which will be located on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. This is the second largest Indian reservation in the United States.

The facility will be approximately 3,600 square feet and house class rooms and a mechanics garage along with bathroom and kitchen facilities. The goal of this facility will be to to introduce many of the Lakota Sioux tribal youth to basic life skills and train them for economic opportunities and occupations that will set them on a course of success. The instruction and training will be Christ-centered.

Among the basic life skills that will be taught include healthy living, gardening and canning. Basic financial skills like budgeting, and the management of checking and savings accounts will be covered.

The center plans to introduce the native kids to auto mechanics, small engine repair, welding, carpentry, and large and small animal care. There will also be classes in a range of computer and software skills along with media and video production.


Guest House & Learning Center – Liberia Center-Point Project Liberia | In Progress

Amount: $100

After 14 years of civil war followed by the Ebola epidemic, the economy and social fabric of Ethiopia are a mess and the people of are crippled. Centerpoint wants to provide pastoral training, Bible studies, retreats, and conferences to help to reshape the worldview and rebuild the lives of the Liberian people. Along with the learning center will be a seven-bedroom guesthouse to accommodate ministry staff. 80 partners giving $100 each will complete cost of this building project.


5-day Art Camps – Bulgaria Christ Resurrection Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $40

Every summer Hari and Penka Atanasov, former art teachers, bring the love of Christ to children in mountain villages of Bulgaria by conducting 5-day art camps. The children in these impoverished communities have no recreational opportunities at all. And most villagers know nothing about the Bible, the gospel, or God’s love for them. Local officials welcome the art camps and many families send their children. This opens the doors for follow-up visits where the gospel is explained. The cost for an art camp—supplies, food, transportation—comes to about $40 a child. About 60 to 80 children are impacted each summer.


School Supplies for Deaf School – Honduras His Love in Action Ministry | In Progress

Amount: $5

In Honduras, if your child is born with a disability, it is very difficult for him or her to get an education, job skills, or any kind of hopeful future. Most end up joining street gangs and getting involved with drug trafficking and violence. His Love In Action provides literacy education and vocational training for deaf students in the city of Tegucigalpa. However, most cannot afford school supplies. Each gift of $5 will supply notebooks, pencil sharpeners, colored markers and paper for one student. A gift of $200 will provide for all 40.


Shoes for Children – Thailand House of Hope Thailand | Complete

Amount: $15

Hope House rescues children who are in danger of human trafficking. The children are brought to the home, cared for, educated, and trained in God’s Word. Bit purchasing shoes is a burden. Each student must have black shoes for their school uniforms, white shoes for physical education, brown shoes for their scout activities, and sandals or slippers for their regular Thai dress. The home cannot always afford to buy all these shoes. Your gift of $15 or more will help purchase the needed shoes for these children.


Train and Send a Missionary – North Korea North Korea Outreach | In Progress

Amount: $165

The picture shows two believers slipping across the border into North Korea, Christianity’s worst persecutor, with sacks over their shoulders. These sacks carry food, Bibles and gospel literature. Our North Korean indigenous ministry partner is training and sending missionaries like this into NK to share Christ and start churches. Your gift of $165 will provide training for one month; $1,980 for a whole year. Any amount will be pro-rated to help send light into the darkness and hope into the land of despair. Goal is to provide training for 50 missionaries.


School Uniforms – Tanzania Unreached Peoples Mission | In Progress

Amount: $17

All children in Tanzania must wear a uniform in order to attend school. St. Augustine Academy sponsors more than 280 children that are orphans. Your gift of $17 can provide a shirt and a pair of pants for a boy or a blouse and skirt for a girl. This provides required clothing for the child to attend school. With an education, the life of a child takes on new dimensions.


School – India Peniel Gospel Team | Complete

With a 40-year history of fruitful ministry in North India, one of our partners are working to become more self-sufficient and less dependent on money from international sources. It already operates a school that produces enough profit to fund much of the ministry. To help them do more, ANM is sponsoring a Reproducible Ministry Project to expand the school.


Children’s Television Program – Middle East Elam Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $5

As the people of the Middle East have become more disillusioned with their Islamic regimes, they have become increasingly open to the Gospel. Many are even allowing their children to learn about Jesus Christ.

Garden of Friends is a Christian TV program targeting 4- to 8-year-old children in the Middle East. Aunty Maryam, accompanied by fun animal characters, introduces stories from the Bible and points children to Jesus Christ.

Millions in the Middle East are watching Christian channels, and this program has the potential to reach tens of thousands of children and their families. We can cover production costs for one episode for $5,500.


School for Children – Tanzania Unreached Peoples Mission | In Progress

Amount: $25

For just $25 per month ($300 a year) a child can attend school and have everything he or she needs: uniform, shoes, and books. Without a good education, children seldom climb out of poverty. Please help a child become a student and gain a whole new worldview. He or she will be taught Christian principles along with core academics.

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