Life Skills Center Native American Projects | In Progress

Amount: $10

Advancing Native Missions is supporting a project to raise funds to build and furnish the Life Skills Center which will be located on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. This is the second largest Indian reservation in the United States.

The facility will be approximately 3,600 square feet and house class rooms and a mechanics garage along with bathroom and kitchen facilities. The goal of this facility will be to to introduce many of the Lakota Sioux tribal youth to basic life skills and train them for economic opportunities and occupations that will set them on a course of success. The instruction and training will be Christ-centered.

Among the basic life skills that will be taught include healthy living, gardening and canning. Basic financial skills like budgeting, and the management of checking and savings accounts will be covered.

The center plans to introduce the native kids to auto mechanics, small engine repair, welding, carpentry, and large and small animal care. There will also be classes in a range of computer and software skills along with media and video production.


Tin Sheets for Church Roofs – Tanzania Unreached Peoples Mission | In Progress

Amount: $7

African believers make bricks out of mud, but the thatch roofs rot in the rain. Most congregations lack the cash income to purchase corrugated galvanized iron sheets for church roofs. You can supply a sheet for $7. A typical church roof costs $250.


Gazebo – Bosnia and Herzegovina Evangelical Church of Sarajevo | In Progress

Amount: $100

In 2005, when Slavko and Sanja Hadzic planted the church they now lead, it was only the second evangelical church in Sarajevo, a city of 380,000. Careful, loving, relational evangelism has slowly borne fruit, and the congregation is now known and respected in its neighborhood. So people are now comfortable coming to social events, like a Christmas concert and picnics. Sarajevo’s mountainous setting precipitates unpredictable weather. To make the outreach picnics less weather-sensitive, the church wants to build a large gazebo behind the church building, and an ANM team is ready to help. 25 gifts of $100, combined with the resources of the church, would supply the materials.


Buy a Block – Bulgaria Bulgarian Mission Outreach | In Progress

Amount: $12

The evangelical church in Parvomai, Bulgaria, is attempting to restore a ruined building as a community center and Sunday school. But the congregation needs help buying concrete blocks like the one shown at $12 each. If enough renovation materials are secured by spring, reconstruction can begin. Estimate for the total restoration is $4,500.


Backhoe – Mexico Seedtime & Harvest Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $30

Donald and Becky Kamese minister in San Luis de La Paz, Guanajuato, a city within the Circle of Silence (a six-state region of Mexico where there are only 290 evangelical Christians). They have recently been blessed with their first child.

The Kameses’ house and school are both nearing completion, giving them great hope for the future of their ministry. They continue to further establish their ministry through spreading the Word, overseeing new church plants, discipling fellow Christians, conducting Bibles studies, and ministering to children. They are currently trying to purchase a backhoe which they would use to provide vocational training for locals.

Help Purchase the Backhoe


Training Center – Algeria North Africa Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $25

“Now is the time to train and send out hundreds of Algerians for missions.” These words are from an Algerian mission leader who plans a building for training, conferences, youth events, and summer camps for children, youth and new believers. The land has been purchased and excavation work is already underway. Each gift of $25 will provide one square foot of the first phase of this project, which includes the ground floor, offices, kitchen and dining hall. Seed money received so far has laid the foundation. The ministry now needs $50,000 to complete further phases.


Missionary’s House Repairs Endeavor Nepal | Complete

The home of Chandra and Beena Nepali was damaged in the April 25th earthquake that devastated many areas of Nepal. The concrete structure supporting his roof-top water tank was severely cracked and the solar hot water heater system was damaged beyond repair. Numerous structural cracks are present throughout the home. A new structure has been built on the roof to support the existing water tank. This has facilitated a temporary hose system to supply some cold water to the home. However the structural cracks must be repaired, the solar hot water system replaced, and all house plumbing, including the toilets, must be exposed, inspected, and replaced as needed.


Birth Center – Kenya Family Impact Ministries | In Progress

Amount: $20

A woman dies every ninety seconds from pregnancy-related complications. Want to be part of a project that will change that statistic? Family Impact, one of ANM’s ministry partners in Kenya, desires to minister to women, babies, and their families by sharing the love of Jesus, providing research-based maternity care, and presenting biblical teaching to strengthen families. The ministry’s new birth center in the village of Ileho will provide skilled maternity care for women and their babies. Please help the precious women of Ileho by financially and prayerfully supporting this project. $20 will provide one square foot of the foundation.


Dormitory Construction – Mexico Construction Teams Ministry | In Progress

Seedtime and Harvest Ministries is rescuing children from the violence of the drug cartels. The ministry needs a new dormitory for the children, and Advancing Native Missions is helping them build it. You can help complete this important work.